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Chalkboard Wall Decal Sticker

Updated on March 16, 2011

Removable chalk board stickers

There are so many ways to personalize a childs room, door or even walls.

These stickers they can write on. Write the text that is important for the moment. Change the text when needed and even move the stickers to wherever they want it to be.

The drum sticker will contain the childs for the moment favourtie band!

Here are stickers for all ages and genders. Put up a sticker on the front door and have the habit to tell where you are going and when you will be back! In the beginning it might be just for fun, but eventually it will be a good habit that all in the family can benefit from!

Of course it is more fun to write a message or statement on a princess chalk board or on the tough drum set! My granddaughter wrote: If I am not in my room right now, you can reach me on this cell phone number: XXX XXX  I laughed!

And here are the chalks and the cleaner


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    • mulberry1 profile image

      mulberry1 7 years ago

    • mulberry1 profile image

      mulberry1 7 years ago

      What a great idea for a chalkboard. The peel and stick ideal is perfect for kids but really that framed one might work well in the kitchen, I need to check the dimensions on that.