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A Chandelier as a Focal Point

Updated on September 15, 2009

So how exactly do you go about making your chandelier the focus of everyone’s attention?  There are a few ways to accomplish this. So where to begin? You can use your chandelier to be the center of your design. Base the décor of the room with the light fixture on its look. A chandelier can be where everyone’s eye ends up, by making it be the piece that dominates the décor. You can feature lighting and furniture in the room that compliment the chandelier. What are some more interesting methods to get the focus onto your chandelier?

Using a Chandelier as the Sole Light Source

Each chandelier has its own unique characteristics. If you want to ensure that your chandelier is the focus of its room, make it the sole light source. This will only work if you have a chandelier that can provide adequate lighting for the room that it is in. By making it the sole light source it will gain the attention it deserves. People are much like bugs, in that they are attracted to light. We are naturally attracted to it. A single light source in any given room will gain much attention. What is your source of light? I hope it is your gorgeous chandelier. If it is a tacky lamp, or ugly sconce, you should probably revise your lighting situation. This can be an easy fix, especially if you incorporate a beautiful chandelier.


An ornate chandelier example.
An ornate chandelier example.

All Roads Lead to the Chandelier

You can literally design your room around the chandelier. Make a clear path for the eyes to end up at the light. Even if it simply a decorative piece, you can place furniture, and décor to lead the eye to the chandelier. It will make for an interesting adventure for your eyes. Even use lighting to emphasize the grandeur of your ornamental piece. By focusing light on your chandelier from an outside source, it will automatically draw the eye to the fixture. You can use a decorative “trail” to lead your eyes on a journey to the light source.

Hanging Out With my Chandelier

Another way to add focus to your chandelier is in where and how you hang it. The height at which you hang your fixture can make a difference in how it is viewed. If it is placed in the corner of the room it will not draw the desired attention. If you hang it fairly low, you don’t want it in the center of the room as it will be a hindrance. It should be near a wall away from a corner. This will allow for the best placement. It should also be placed slightly above eye level. This will be an indirect draw to your chandelier.

Probably the best way to make your chandelier the focus of your room is to combine attributes of all of these suggestions. An example of this would be to place your light along a wall just above eye level. You could then focus all light on your chandelier. It would then be important to lay your furniture out accordingly. It would probably be wise to make sure that the chandelier flows with your room’s décor so as not to look ridiculous. Step back and enjoy your chandelier.


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