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Cheap Home Bars: Entertain at home and save money!

Updated on February 20, 2013

Home Bars: Cheap Entertainment!

If you like to socialize with friends, but you don't want to go broke while you do it, adding a bar to your home could be the solution.  Cheap home bars are available for sale and can be put to use any way that you like.  You get to decide what type of beverages you'll be serving your friends, so entertain any way that you like. If you spend a little bit of money up front on the bar and then make your home the place to be, you could end up saving a ton of money in the long run.  The cost of a custom built bar is much more than the prebuilt bars you can get delivered right to your door.  If you haven't ever considered buying a bar for your home, or you thought it would be too much of a hassle to find one, take a look below.  You'll come away with some great home bar ideas!

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How Much Do You Spend? - The price of entertainment

When I was in my twenties, I used to go out a lot more than I do today. Looking back, I can hardly believe how much I used to spend when I'd head out for an evening with friends. Paying for drinks, food, any other forms of entertainment, and even cover charges, can really add up! Now that I'm older, the idea of getting together at someone's home is a lot more appealing. I realize now that I could have set up for some very nice home entertaining if I'd spent that money a little bit more wisely. How about you?

How much do you spend on a typical "night out" with friends?

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Affordable Home Bars that Look Great!

When it comes to buying furniture for your home, you've probably noticed that things can be kind of expensive nowadays.  A prebuilt bar can easily cost you well over a thousand dollars.  Having one custom made by a craftsman will bump that price even higher.  The home bars shown below are a mix of quality and affordability.  You don't want to buy anything too cheap, because it won't last.  You'll just end up spending the money again to get something to replace what you bought.  These bars are some of the highest rated models on Amazon that come in at prices in the low end of the hundreds column.

Monarch Specialties Cappuccino Hollow-core 32-Inch by 36-Inch Counter Height Table

Coaster Contemporary Style Solid Wood Bar Unit with Wine Rack, Deep Cappuccino Finish

Newport Expandable Bar Cabinet

Casino Gaming Bar

3-Piece Drop Leaf Bar Table Wine Rack and Stool Set

Antique Looking Handmade Wood Wine Bar Cabinet - 4 Drawers, Wine Glass Storage, 6 Wine Bottle Storage

Powell 579-920 Bourbon Street Traditional Home Bar
This is a more high end option in home bar units.  I'm including it here not only because I think it's a very handsome little bar, but also to give some perspective on pricing.  The bars shown above cost considerably less, but I still think they look very nice.

Bar Accessories for Your Home

Once you've got your home bar set up, you'll want to get some quality bar accessories to add those final finishing touches and to give your bar some personality.  Here are a few ideas to get you going.

Global Decor 170 Rotating 4 Bottle 1-1/2-Ounce Drink Dispenser

WIN-WARE - Boston Cocktail Shaker Gift Set with Hawthorn Strainer, Muddler, Bar Spoon With Masher and 25ml and 50ml Jiggers for perfect pours everytime - Great kit for professional bartending or home/recreation use!

BarTule The Ultimate All-in-One Bar Accessory

Nine Piece Hammered Finish Steel Bar Set

OXO SteeL 11-Piece Barware Set

New Margarita Glass Rimmer, Cocktail Glass Rimmer, Salt / Sugar / Lime Juicer Glass Rimmer, 3-Tier Expandable Trays

Used Home Bars for Sale

Don't forget to consider pre-owned bars as an option. Sometimes you can save a few bucks by buying furnishings from someone who has decided to remodel, or who is moving to a new home.

Helpful tips for building your own bar.

Thanks for visiting my lens. - Please leave a comment or share your cheap home bar ideas.

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