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Cheap Kitchen Appliances That Work

Updated on February 5, 2013

How often we bought ourselves a cheap kitchen appliance, only to discover that it's broken within 3 months, or it never really did the job it supposed to in the 1st place. Unfortunately, buying the cheapest product, can often turn out to be a false economy.

The manufacturers seem to spend more money advertising the product the major developing it and providing a decent service. But not to worry–I spent a lot of time and effort testing cheap kitchen appliances to discover which ones will actually work and get the job done without breaking the bank.

There are hundreds and thousands of different kitchen appliances, but I'm going to review what I considered to be the best inexpensive products in: dishwashers, oven ranges, refrigerators, and microwaves.

Best Cheap Dishwasher - Amana Standard Tub Dishwasher, ADB1000AWQ

You probably never heard of this company, but back in the day, I had one of the 1st batches of these, and that thing lasted me nearly 15 years. I recently tested one of these of the more modern versions and I can absolutely say, less if you're on a budget–this is the best inexpensive dishwasher.

Amazon usually have them for sale at less than $250, and if you get 10 years out of it–which I expect you to be able to do–that works out at less than $25 a year. Personally–I hate washing dishes, and if you feel the same way as I do, then investing $250 [or less] on one of these is definitely a worthwhile investment.

As like most modern dishwashers it is ENERGY STAR qualified, which means it won't be too expensive to run. Now–it may not have all the bells and whistles of the more expensive machine, but at the end of the day, it washes your dishes and doesn't cost a fortune to run. What more could you ask for?

Best Cheap Refrigerator - Amana A4TXNWFWW:

I know I'm recommending the same manufacturer for this product as I did for the last one, but the simple fact is these guys make extremely good quality products at low prices. Perhaps these would not be ideal for perfect kitchen with unlimited funds available, but if you sending your kids off to college, then this is the type of refrigerator you should buy.

Cheap and cheerful is the best way to describe this one. I know it's not as big as some refrigerators is only just over 14 ft.³ but–it has a top freezer section, and you can reverse the doors if you wish so that they open left to right instead of right and left, which means you can probably fit into almost any kitchen.

Oh, I know–it's not the prettiest refrigerator on the planet, but like it's sister dishwasher, it gets the job done, and keep your food cool. I very much doubt you would need to pay as much as $500 for this product, so when you send your kids off to college, they will be able to sell it for a couple of hundred dollars at the end of their school term, and if you spent more than $300 total cost I would be surprised.

Best Cheap Range - Frigidaire FFEF3011LW

Well! This is not an Amana product for a change. Although I do like the Amena ranges, this Frigidaire is a better product for less money. This is another one that would be great to send your kids to college with, because it's only 30 inches wide, which means it will fit into a typical dorm room kitchen, but it still manages to squeeze for cooking elements onto the top.

Once again–not the prettiest thing available, but this was extremely well priced the last time I checked on Amazon, and you should get to pick one up for less than $300.

As with all the products we are reviewing here, this is all about getting a functional, working kitchen appliance that does not cost a fortune. This has an oven, grill and 4 heating elements on the top; it doesn't take up much space, and is cheap. The end– go buy one!

Best Cheap Microwave – Panasonic NN-SD372S

I know you can buy cheaper microwaves than this one, from manufacturers like Sunbeam, but most of those are complete garbage that will only last you a year or so. If you want to buy a microwave that that is inexpensive that will last a decent length of time, then buy Panasonic.

Panasonic were one of the 1st Japanese manufacturers to get into making microwaves and they've always made a fantastic job of producing them. This one comes with something called, “inverter,” technology which–honestly–I have no idea what that means, other than it does seem to provide even cooking when compared to the other cheaper microwaves.

This model produces 950 W, and has a 13 1/2 inch turntable, which is more than big enough for your typical pizza. Once again as with all these products not very pretty not very flashy, but gets the job done.


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