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Cheap Kitchen Remodel

Updated on July 31, 2011

Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget

The kitchen is one part of the home which has a larger space and the most useful area. Relatively, this makes it also the most expensive to remodel and renovate. However, homemakers may optimize this area and apply some cheap kitchen remodel ideas and tricks to turn your kitchen into some dazzling and lively place; this will unquestionably make your family and friends wouldn't dare to skip a meal!

Affordable Remodeling Techniques

Repaint the kitchen to give it a new feel and look.

  • Discolored kitchen walls due to daily wear and tear are quite untidy to look at; but, a nice fresh coat of paint will greatly improve its look and feel. This is the simplest, most convenient and cheapest means to kitchen renovation but is also where the major impact could be made.
  • Colors do have their advantages and have some psychological effect especially to those people who walk in and out of your kitchen. Select a paint color that will attract and give your guests the feeling of being welcomed. Bright and lively cheerful colors are highly recommended - yellow, lime green, soft tan and colors that will turn your dull kitchen into a stunning one.

Freshen-up and paint cabinets to look like new.

  • Painting or refinishing your cabinetry is a simple and less-costly task; yet, a great way to enhance and refresh old cabinets.
  • Simply sand the cabinets and then either paint or stain them. Staining could be untidy but somehow a convenient and affordable way to do cheap kitchen remodel.
  • You may improve your plywood cabinets by painting them with your favorite color or paint with some artistic designs by applying brush strokes that will result to abstract or flower designs. You may also go for a darker wood color to have a vintage touch. This will make oldie-cabinets look like you've spent thousands on them.
  • You can also polish your cabinets with some colorless paint; this will help give tarnished cabinets some new shine.

Put kitchen decors and embellishments to bring it to life.

  • Another technique to cheap kitchen remodel is to add a little something - a large glass or flower vase to display, kitchen quotes and poems to brighten the day, colorful window coverings to cheer-up gloomy mood and decorated glass storage for displaying cute kitchen souvenir items.
  • Bring out the creativity in you by making personalized kitchen decors such as fridge magnets or note holder with your family's wacky picture or perhaps your son's favorite cartoon character. You can also make decorated fruit basket or kitchen organizers if you wish.

Replace kitchen hardware.

  • More often than not, grand impact can be made with little changes - replace obsolete kitchen faucet and sink design with a new one, replace kitchen cupboard handles with something elegant and attractive, and add crown molding to kitchen walls for a more emphasized architectural facet.
  • Buy a new modern drawer and cabinet pulls if you have a little extra budget; this will bring your 1980s kitchen to the new millennium.

Add some personal touch to your kitchen.

  • Applying some personal touch in remodeling your kitchen will definitely make a huge difference. Try to customize your kitchen according to what you have in mind - the arrangements of cabinets and storage stuffs, the decorations and souvenir items like mugs that you would want to display, the artwork or accessories you love to show your guests and other things you would want to apply.
  • Neatly organize and arrange kitchen stuffs in a way that it will create a harmonious effect and thus, pleasing to look at; giving you a view that would soothe and calm you after a stressful day's work.

Kitchen renovation is great way to add life to your home particularly to your kitchen. However, it doesn’t have to be that expensive. Find some affordable ways and means to enhance your kitchen and give you the impact you always wanted. Sit down and take time to plan everything before attempting to do something!

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