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Cheap and Easy Ways to Freshen Your Decor

Updated on October 14, 2016

Quick, Easy and Cheap Ways to Freshen a Room’s Décor

If you are anything like me, the changing of the seasons makes you want to switch up your interior surroundings as well. Again, if you are anything like me, you have a million ideas, zero budget and about 30 minutes to do it. So for those of us both time and cash flow challenged, here are some decorating ideas. They all cost less the $20, most take less than one hour and will really make a surprising impact.

1. Revamp that lamp - This simple project can be done for as little as nothing if you already have a fabric remnant on hand that you’ve been looking for a use for. Simply cut the fabric (or wall paper) to the size of your lampshade and attach with fabric glue. Add a decorative border of ribbon if you like.

2. Make those frames match - You know what I’m talking about…all those frames you have that do not match due to changing décor, evolving taste or because they were gifts. Create a striking photo display by painting them all the same color, or two colors. This project only calls for a drop cloth or newspaper to lay the frames out on, a day with little to no wind and a few cans of spray paint in the shade and finish of your choice. Be sure to remove the glass and give them time to dry completely. Then just add pictures and hang in a large, eye-catching grouping on one wall.

3. Paint those shelves - If you have those generic, tall, MDF bookcases that you can get for less than $50 from any big box store that come in black, white and oak, don’t feel a bit bad about painting them. They are not furniture that is going to last the ages, they were not handmade and they were not a family heirloom. Brighten them up and make a statement by slapping two coats of paint on them. Have fun with it, paint them all one solid color, paint the back one color and the rest another, or make them a beautiful rainbow. Take it a step further if you like pattern, use wallpaper or fabric on the back wall instead using double sided tape.

4. Make a place for art - Chose a door or wall in your house that is in a realistic location and paint it with chalkboard paint. The kids can change it whenever they want, you can write reminders for them on it and it just might keep them off your back when you’re trying to make dinner, maybe. If you want to really create an art wall your family will love, add an area of magnetic paint so all those drawings have someplace, other than the fridge, to live.

5. Move the furniture - I know, it sounds so obvious but you would be surprised what a difference it can make. This one may take longer then an hour but it makes up for it by being FREE! Don’t just shift the living room couch around, trade things out in a couple of rooms. Trade out the lamps from your bedroom to the living room, move that chair from the corner where no one sits to the landing of you steps for a cozy place to read. Open your mind to the options that you already own.

6. Area rug - So simple, and with the cheap and stylish options out there, so doable! Rugs of all sizes, shapes, colors and patterns can be found at most national chain stores and even online for as little as $20. Put one under your coffee table, or go really crazy and put a large one in the kitchen for a splash of color.

7. Swap your handles - Just a quick trip to a hardware store and a few turns of the screwdriver can completely change the look of a kitchen, a dresser or a built in cabinet. There are so many styles to choose from for mere dollars that you are certain to find something to suit your taste with ease.

8. Paint one wall - Yes, paint just one wall and make it a beautiful focal point. If your couch rests against a wall, try painting the wall a bold color (best done if your furniture is neutral). Try hanging those frames you repainted and create a gallery no one will be able to resist.

9. Swap your towels - Get fresh kitchen towels at your local dollar store or chain store and display them by hanging them over your lower cabinet doors. It will instantly add style and pop to your whole kitchen.

10. Open your curtains - If you are the hibernation type in the winter, nothing is as cheap, quick or easy as simply letting the sun in…but you’d be surprised how many people just don’t even think about it.


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    • amy11692 profile image


      6 years ago

      like this article! very useful. been trying to touch up my place, so it'll come in handy.


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