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The most beautiful blossom in the world

Updated on October 19, 2012

Cherry Tree

This lens is dedicated to the Japanese Cherry Tree (Serrulate). It is the Cherry Tree with the most beautiful blossom. Unfortunately it doesn't produce fruit. The fruit producing trees are called Prunus avium and Prunus cerasus. The cerasus is native to my country and though it is called a sour cherry it is actually delicious. However for ornamental purposes in smaller gardens there can be no doubt that the Japanese Cherry Tree is a better choice.

Very good book about the Japanese Cherry Tree

Japanese Flowering Cherries
Japanese Flowering Cherries

All the information you will need to grow and care for a beautifull Cherry Tree. The author has worked several years on putting this complete book that is also beautifully illustrated together. It contains a huge amount of information about Cherry Trees and it will help you greatly if you want to start your own cherry tree garden.


To Grow a Cherry Tree

You need a sapling or a seed to start growing your tree. If Cherry Trees are natural to your area it may be best to acquire a sapling from a grower. Most likely many will be available at a fair price. If it isn't natural to your area think twice about starting to grow a Cherry Tree. Can it tolerate your local climate?*

The Cherry Tree needs a fertile soil and you need to apply compound fertilizer once a year. Keep the tree moisturized but not wet!

In the climate of the United States the Cherry Tree will generally not live beyond twenty years and their maximum height will be around 30ft.

Alternatively if you have a small garden you can grow a Dwarf Cherry Tree or semi-Dwarf Cherry Tree, which will grow to about 7ft-15ft, but it will require annual pruning. Still too big? Then you could grow a Bonsai Cherry Tree. A Bonsai Tree is a tree grown in a pot, read more about it on my Bonsai Lens.

Plant the tree or seed in a spot in your garden where there is plenty of sunlight and the soil is well drained. It's also important to place them strategically in your garden so you will enjoy their blossom and the accompanying fragrance to the maximum. That is after all the whole point of planting a Cherry blossom tree!

Cherry Tree Forest - Groups of Cherry Trees can be a beautifull sight

A great addition to large gardens or land.

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    • greenspirit profile image

      poppy mercer 5 years ago from London

      We also have one in the UK that flowers in winter. I'm not sure where it orginates; I know it as Prunus autumnalis subhirtella, It is a joy to see it in bloom when everything else is dormant.

    • shellys-space profile image

      Shelly Sellers 5 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

      I love the beautiful Cherry Tree and the flower blossoms!

    • profile image

      olmpal 5 years ago

      Beautiful decorative tree! Prunus avium and Prunus cerasus are common in my country too.

    • Rosetta Slone profile image

      Rosetta Slone 5 years ago from Under a coconut tree

      One of my favourite trees. It's a shame it's too hot where I live to grow one...

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 5 years ago from New Zealand

      Beautiful trees. I have a white one in full bloom at the moment. Nice lens Thanks for sharing.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 5 years ago

      Such a pretty tree.