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Chicken Garden Decorations

Updated on June 9, 2014

Chicken Gifts, Ideas for Gardeners

Nothing is more delightful than chickens in the garden! I've shared all my favorite chicken ornaments for the garden. Whether you're looking for presents for chicken lovers, or decorating your own garden, you'll find plenty of enticing chickens to choose from.

Buy Chicken Faucet

Find chicken ornaments you've never dreamed of for your garden - from faucets and watering cans, to chimes and planters, to stepping stones and spinners. Not to mention a great book on designing a chicken-friendly garden!

Rooster Yard Art

Glorious roosters greet the sun every morning without disturbing the neighbors! I adore roosters, with their dignified stalk and dandified tail feathers.

Recycled Tin Rooster

Solar Glass Rooster

Regal Metal Rooster

Chicken Faucets

Classy brass faucets give a restrained touch of elegance. Choose from a shiny or aged finish. And notice the pretty sunflower at the base!

Rooster Faucet

Brass Rooster Faucet

Dark Rooster Faucet

Rooster Door Stop

This weighty bird will hold your door open, or just hold down the center of your garden.

Wrought Iron Rooster

Chicken Wind Spinners

Have the beauty of a rooster in your yard every day! These spinners strut and preen as proudly as a real bird.

Morning Rooster Spinner

Rooster Ball Spinner

Breeze Buddies Rooster Spinner

Cast Iron Rooster Stepping Stone

This is a great accent piece for any garden. Use just one, or make a dramatic path or border.

Cast Iron Rooster Stepping Stone

Chicken Watering Cans

Okay, these are just neat. I've never seen chicken watering cans before!

Rooster Watering Can

Hen Watering Can

Back Yard Chickens

The Trouble with Roosters: How To Plan for Backyard Chickens
No matter where you get your chicks, whether from a hatchery, feedstore, or home raised, half of all chickens are roosters. And this leads to some ethical and practical issues that you'll need to prepare for.

Where Can I Get Baby Chicks? How to Plan for Backyard Chickens
Spring is almost here - it's time to plan where to buy your baby chicks! March through May is the best time to start your chicks.

More Chicken Gifts

Chicken Signs: Presents for Chicken Lovers
Chicken signs make great presents for chicken lovers - or get one for yourself! It's the fashion now to decorate your chicken coop or home with funny chicken signs.

Chicken Dinnerware: Presents for Chicken Lovers
I was looking for some chicken dinnerware to go with my rooster-themed kitchen. It's a cheerful style that makes you feel happy and alert in the morning, like a rooter crowing.

Valentine's Day Chicken Presents for Chicken Lovers
Does your lover love chickens? Delight their heart with romantic presents for chicken lovers on Valentine's Day!

Christmas Presents for Chicken Lovers
When you love someone who loves backyard chickens, there's a thousand ways to show it! From elegant to rustic to funny, here you will find a chicken presents for anyone.

Which chicken ornament is your favorite?

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