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Choosing The Right Curtain Styles for Your Home

Updated on January 14, 2011

If you are an avid viewer of the HGTV network, and have seen how designers stage homes to sell, then you know they usually change the curtain styles during this process. Window treatments bring a room’s design together, and can change the mood with the amount of light that is being let in through the windows. Windows that are bare in some ways usually turns off potential buyers, or if they just have the everyday white, plastic horizontal blinds. Custom curtain companies working with an interior designer is probably your best method of really making a statement of style and distinct design taste.

Curtain Styles For The Home

Just like every option when doing a home improvement, there is usually a solution for any budget. If you have impeccable taste and a great sense of style, then you are blessed a lot more than most homeowners, and half the battle won. Even on the slimmest budget, you can still make an eye-popping statement with your choice of color and material for your windows. Many home improvement shows will come in and do the window curtains or treatments for a living room for just pennies on the dollar using used curtain rods, and clearance fabric from the local sewing store. Of course, you will need to know how to use a sewing machine, or have a friend that has this knowledge.

On the top end of this process, you can literally spend tens of thousands of dollars making your home a showpiece, but it is not necessary, and the average homeowner will usually have a budget of two to three thousand dollars saved up for a project such as this. If you hire a professional decorator, and are still wanting to trim your budget, then ask them if you can do any of the grunt work, like picking up supplies, taking down the current window treatments if there are any.

Visiting local home and interior design shows can give you a veritable buffet of ideas to use in your own residence. Take a digital camera or camcorder with you to capture ideas, and the colors being used to take back home and research a solution for yourself.  You can change small things and save money in the process, but saving on the labor will keep you out of the red ink on a project like this, and give you something to be proud of when entertaining friends and family.

Custom Cutain Styles Photo

Creating The Right Atmosphere With Custom Curtain Styles
Creating The Right Atmosphere With Custom Curtain Styles

You Can Have Your Custom Curtain Styles Made Online

Another avenue to consider is ordering online custom curtain panels and drapery. They are usually any where from twenty-five to fifty percent off the prices that local companies charge, and some have online consultants to help you make your selection to insure proper color combination, material, and mounting hardware. You may want to send them photos of your current window treatments so they can make a more educated decision on what your needs are in reality.

Remember when ordering any custom item online or from a brick and mortar store, refunds are usually not available. So, make sure you are completely happy with your final selection before paying for your new custom drapery. You can also ask them to send samples of the material they will be using to make your drapery to insure you like the look and feel in person. Online photos are two dimensional, and digital cameras do not always reflect the exact color of the original item, so having it in hand will make all the difference in the world.

Color Combinations For 2010: Pink Curtains Are In Style

Pale pink curtains have taken over the amateur interior design world recently, and every combination of pink and various shades of the lightened red color. Even hot pink curtains are adorning kitchens, bathrooms, and of course most daughter's bedrooms. Mixing pink curtains with brown curtain panels for the living room is high on the list of cutting edge window treatments, and throw in some medium or light blue with gold for accenting and you have hit the window decor lottery.

Finding just the right combination of pink and complimenting colors is not rocket science, but people are constantly taking non standard shades of other basic colors and mixing it up the with Malibu Barbi's favorite color to usher in a new eye popping theme that will have visitors in their home not only impressed, but trying to figure out how they can incorporate a similar theme into their home. It may be a fashion fad right now, but since anything goes in most designer arenas, this combination of color may stick around for quite a while.

Curtain Styles


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    • JonSterling profile image

      Jon Sterling 7 years ago from Houston Texas - United States

      Thank You for your comments JamaGenee!

    • JamaGenee profile image

      Joanna McKenna 7 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      My absolute all-time fave window treatment is louvered shutters (stained or painted), so drapes and curtains have very little appeal. Even more so if the current trend is hot pink and chocolate brown.

      However, I'm not totally without an aesthetic eye and DO salivate over the window treatments in English manor homes and such, but then no expense was spared by their owners to create perfection! That said, even a decorator to dukes and earls couldn't satifactorily disguise the vertical blinds I've been stuck with for 9 years because they came with the flat, and the lease says they cannot be removed else I would've installed louvered shutters years ago!

    • profile image

      Tracy Monroy 7 years ago

      Great hub! You also want to consider lighting when choosing colors and materials. A lot of fabric stores will let you take home samples. You can also buy online at Hope that helps!

    • JonSterling profile image

      Jon Sterling 7 years ago from Houston Texas - United States

      Thanks Shanel,

      It's always better to have a trained eye helping you.

    • shanel profile image

      shanel 7 years ago from Seattle

      If I am not just purchasing ready made drapes, I find a local decorator to come work with me to find the perfect combination of dressing for my windows. Thanks for the great hub.

    • Maria Harris profile image

      Maria Harris 7 years ago from Houston

      Great video on curtain construction. Nice hub.

    • JonSterling profile image

      Jon Sterling 7 years ago from Houston Texas - United States

      Thank You for the kind words Rismayanti!

    • Rismayanti profile image

      Rismayanti 7 years ago from Tropical Island


    • JonSterling profile image

      Jon Sterling 7 years ago from Houston Texas - United States

      Thanks - curtain styles come in all fashions and price ranges fortunately for most of us!

    • profile image

      DXmusic 7 years ago

      Thanks for guiding, It looks trendy and haute cauture....hope their price are reasonable!!

    • JonSterling profile image

      Jon Sterling 7 years ago from Houston Texas - United States

      Thanks relica - That's a great idea - keep em coming.

    • relica profile image

      relica 7 years ago from California

      Along with visiting my home and garden store, I also find some really good ideas at my fabric store. It caters to interior decorators, but they also offer classes to the public, so they always have "class projects" on display. I've found some really wonderful ideas there. Nice hub.