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How To Make Cinnamon Roll Candles

Updated on September 20, 2014

Making Your Own Candles

Making your own candles is simple. When you gain some experience in making homemade candles, you'll be able to express your creativity more effectively. You can adorn candles with different embellishments or add your favorite fragrance to your candle.

You may even study how to carve unique designs into the wax candle for extra enhancements. You can also purchase dried flowers and potpourri and mix them into the wax for an attractive design. The possibilities are just endless.

One of the amazing things about making your own candles is that you don't need to purchase tons of ingredients or eqipment to get started. You just need a heat source (your stove will do), something to melt your wax in, some wicks, wax, aroma and colour are all you'll ever need!

If you are ready to take things to the next level, you can buy a candle mold at a store. It can prove to be a helpful tool, but it's really not necessary.Try making your own candle today.

cinnamon roll candles
cinnamon roll candles

Cinnamon Roll Candles

What You Will Need:

7 1/4 x 11 1/4 shallow pan

Premium candle wax


Ivory and white candle dye

Cinnamon candle scent

Brown and raw sienna acrylic paint

Paint brush and sponge

To make the cinnamon rolls, pour 1/4 inch of melted Ivory wax in a shallow pan. Cool until the wax is no longer liquid but still warm to the touch. While still in the pan use a small knife to cut 1 inch strips. Use a spatula to carefully remove warm strips from the pan.

Place a 3 inch wick at one end of the strip. Roll the wax into a coil. Press the second strip to the end of the first strip and continue rolling. Wick can also be added to a finished candle by punching a hole with a hot ice pick and inserting the wick.

Brush a small area at a time with a mixture of brown and raw sienna acrylic paint, blot with a small damp sponge to hide the brush marks. Place a small container on aluminum foil. Balance the cinnamon roll on the container so the paint won't puddle around the bottom.

Melt the wax, add white dye and the cinnamon scent. Cool slightly and pour over the cinnamon roll to simulate icing.

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    • Randall Guinn profile image

      Randall Guinn 3 years ago from Pinellas Park, Florida

      Looks like a neat project Judy. I'm going to forward this srticle to my wife.