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Tips for Keeping Your Ceramic Tile Floor Looking Like New

Updated on June 20, 2016

A beautiful ceramic tile floor can be an excellent addition to any home. Not only does it add a sense of elegance and sophisticated appeal to a room, it is durable and practical as well. Knowing how to maintain and clean your floor is necessary to keep it looking as attractive as the day it was first installed.

Quick Clean-up

You may find it convenient to keep a towel or dry mop near any entrances to quickly clean up dirt that is tracked in on your ceramic tile floor. Spills should also be mopped up as quickly as possible. The longer dirt or spills are allowed to sit, the more difficult the floor will be to clean later. Any debris that finds its way between the tiles will attempt to make a permanent home there if it is not wiped up quickly.

Keep a Maintenance Schedule

To keep your floor as shiny and beautiful as possible, you should sweep and mop on a regular basis. A soft mop with a removable dust head that can be washed and re-used is preferable to many other mops, as it will be more capable of reaching in between the tiles and getting into those hard to reach places. Set aside a specific day each week to sweep and mop your ceramic tile floor. If you wait to clean it until it is dirty, it will only be more difficult to clean.

Cleaning the Grout

To ensure that your floor maintains its elegant appeal, you need to clean between the grout areas between the tiles on occasion. While a soft mop will do a great job at removing any debris that falls into these areas, you should maintain a schedule to clean the grout as well. It is generally not necessary to do this on a weekly basis, though this step should be done regularly in order to prevent build-up between the tiles. Grout and tile cleaners are great tools for this job.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Many floor cleaners contain harsh chemicals that will damage your tile floor over time. While you may find it necessary to use these cleaners on occasion, you can avoid overexposing your floor to harsh chemicals by maintaining a regular cleaning schedule. When your floor only needs a quick, routine cleaning a simple solution of 1 gallon of water mixed with a capful of alcohol, bleach or vinegar can give your ceramic tile floor a fresh shine.


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