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Clear Glass Coffee Mugs

Updated on March 22, 2013

Clear Glass Coffee Cups

A clear glass coffee mug is not just another mug, they put a classy twist to the standard coffee cups. Glass coffee mugs are used for trendy pubs, nice restaurants and in wedding receptions.

Clear Glass Coffee cups are not just made from regular glass. They are made from a thick insulated glass that keeps in heat and allows you to handle the cups without getting burned.

The best thing about using clear mugs at home is that you can make them your own. Paint a a name or draw your favorite flower on to your mug. They are very easy to personalize.

Set Of Bristro Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs - Glass Cups Like You Will Find At A Coffee Shop

This cup reminds me of the glass mugs that was used in a uptown Bristo that I went to traveling around as a college student. It took me a few times to get use to drinking hot liquid from a glass but it was worth the change.

I like this style the most because it is just like a regular coffee cut with a round handle, wide mouth and round base, but with a classy touch.

Bodum BISTRO Coffee Mug, Double-Wall Insulated Glass Espresso Mugs, Clear, 5 Ounces Each (Set of 2)
Bodum BISTRO Coffee Mug, Double-Wall Insulated Glass Espresso Mugs, Clear, 5 Ounces Each (Set of 2)

* Set of 2 double-wall glass espresso shot mugs with 4.7-ounce capacities

* Mouth-blown, lab-quality borosilicate-glass construction; durable and heat resistant

* 2-layer design creates dramatic optical illusion and prevents condensation

* Safe for dishwasher and microwave use; not for use with metal utensils

* Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

* Winner of prestigious European if design award; 1-year limited warranty


Large Set Of Tall Glass Coffee Mugs With Handles

When I see this mug I think of root-beer floats and 50's Ice-cream Cafe's. It is a little bigger then the normal cup of coffee, but who would complain about that.

Anchor Hocking Irish Coffee Mug, Set of 12
Anchor Hocking Irish Coffee Mug, Set of 12

* Set of 12 mugs designed for Irish coffee and other hot beverages

* Clear crystal glass construction

* Sturdy design features tall panel-cut bowls, wide handles, and heavy footed bases

* Dishwasher-safe

* 8-ounce capacity; made in the U.S.


Classy Coffee Mugs With Wide Opening - Glass Coffee Mugs Great For Wedding Receptions

An over sized coffee mug with a large thick glass handle. I like that just because it is a glass cup does not mean it feels like it is going to fall apart.

Anchor Hocking 6-Pack 14-Ounce Mocha Mug
Anchor Hocking 6-Pack 14-Ounce Mocha Mug

* Anchor Hocking 6-Pack Mocha Mug

* 14-ounce capacity.

* Over-sized and easy to handle.

* Dishwasher safe.

* Made in the United States of America.

Microwavable Glass Coffee Cups
Microwavable Glass Coffee Cups

Are Glass Mugs Microwaveable?

As a big coffee drinker and one that does not like a cold cup of coffee I use the microwave a lot to reheat coffee. So rather a coffee cup is microwavable or not is very important to me.

I have found out that most good glass coffee cups are microwavable but if you do not know you should be able to find a microwavable stamp at the bottom of the cup for verification.

Do not heat glass mugs in the microwave if they have been hand painted or have any type of metal on them. Also it is important that you avoid overheating glass cups and be careful not to fill them to the top if you choose to heat them up in microwave, it is best to leave the liquid a little breathing room.

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Sets Of Glass Coffee Mugs

When looking for mugs I tend to prefer buying in sets or bulk. This way my coffee mugs I use at home match.

Clear Glass Mug Craft Projects

How To Paint On Glass Coffee Mugs - Clear Glass Mug Craft Projects

A glass coffee mug can be very chic and elegant. Once you find the glass mug you want you can spruce it up a bit by painting want you want on your mug. Use the right material and method and you will still be able to wash it without having the paint come off.

Some of my favorite ideas of things to paint of a coffee mug is a child's hand print, a name, famous quote or just a pretty painting of a flower.

Things you will need:

* Clear mug

* Glass cleaner

* Acrylic paint of the colors you so choose.

* Paint brush

* Enamel surface conditioner

* Small Sponge

  1. Clean mug with glass cleaner to make sure surface is ready. Let dry.
  2. Use a small sponge to wipe a thin layer of enamel surface conditioner of the surface that you will paint on. This will get the glass surface ready to hold paint.
  3. Use a flat brush and Acrylic paint to create design. If you mess up use a corner of a wet sponge to clean it up. After design is complete let set for at least 48 hours.
  4. Put glass mug on baking sheet and set in oven for that is preheated to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Mug should be in oven for ten minutes for paint to set. Instead of taking mug out, turn oven off and keep oven door closed until the oven is cool. Moving the cups could cause damage, do not move until mug is totally cool.
  5. Wash painted mug with a mild soap to get rid of left over enamel conditioner.

Clear Glass Travel Coffee Mugs - Glass Travel Mugs For Hot Liquid

Okay I have to admit I was so not a fan of the glass travel coffee mug. I mean why would you want to travel with a glass mug anyway?

After using them I have almost thought of getting my own. But I think I would miss my comics on my ceramic mug. Maybe I should just paint something fun on the glass.

Clear Glass Coffee Mug Reviews

Ceramic Vs. Glass Coffee Mugs

Glass Coffee Mug With Wide Top
Glass Coffee Mug With Wide Top

Are Glass Coffee Mugs as Good As Ceramic Coffee Mugs?

See results

Tell Me About Your Favorite Coffee Cup?

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    • profile image

      ChroniclesofaWa 4 years ago

      I don't have a glass coffee cup. I am a big coffee drinker and I don't mind drinking it from these mugs. :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      One of my favorite coffee cups was a glass coffee cup with a 3D floral design on it.