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Closet Organizers Do it Yourself

Updated on September 6, 2010

Closet organizers , why not do it yourself, it doesn't involve much time and the materials can be easily purchased from your local hardware store.

Closet organizers can be a welcome asset for your room or even home office and you can do it yourself. You can avoid a messy closet and have a organized one ready made. This is going to make your life that much easier, with a busy hectic work lifestyle and family responsibilities it is understandable how one's closet can look like a tornado just swept through it.

But if you organize your closet so every item has it's place then you will no longer need to just throw everything into it. Have you ever looked for something in your closet to find out that it's like looking for a needle in a hay stack? well having a organized closet will help you find the smallest of items.This project is ideal for the DIY man and does not require many hours of your time just the right tools and equipment.

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This article will touch o how you can create your own closet organizer without too much hassle. As long as you have all the necessary items needed for the job , this can be done in a day easily. OK items you will need include a stud finder, 1by 4 and 1 by 16 lumber, closet rods, 1 1/6-inch nails, hammer or nail gun, a saw and carpenters square and a compressor. Make sure everything is ready before you begin your project to avoid looking for tools and items while working.

Choose the closet you are going to transform, now take accurate measurements of the section you are going to build. At this stage decide on what would suite your closet best in terms of shelves, what type of closet rods weather you decide on single or double closet rods, shelves for clothing and shoes this should be taken into consideration before proceeding. After you have made a decision on what you want your closet to look like then go out to your local hardware store and purchase the items needed. Ask the store owner what materials are needed for the job, to suite your individual needs. 


Once you have determined the layout of your closet than we can begin marking out the points where the studs will go. The studs are to hold the supporting brackets so lining these studs up true and straight is crucial. Once you have the studs in place cut a 1 by 16 lumber for your shelves, the length should be taken from your previous measurements. Take note that the lumber is there to support the shelves so you definitely want these to be secure.

 Secure your 1 by 16 lumber to  the 1 by 4 supports using nails  and hammer or nail gun for quicker results. Once this is done then you can install the closet rods and support brackets, the support brackets should be securely nailed to the shelves. You will need cup holders, these are so the closet rods may sit firmly onto the cup holders on either side once they are up. Once you have placed your cup holders at the desired area, then simply cut the rods to fit, and place rod into cup holder and secure. 


Depending on how much items you want to store will then depend on the shelves you put up. Make sure each shelf has enough space between them, Place items you regular use at the top   and the most least at the bottom. There are many different types of shelves for all types of needs on today's market so choose the one that best suites your needs in terms of closet organization. Do it your self there's no rocket science to it just follow your plans and have all the tools necessary and you can build one in no time. There are many homes that have skeletons in there closet, in terms of junk and it doesn't make for a good look ,and a organized room means a organized person. So make life easier by organizing your home so that you can enjoy the time you have to spare.

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