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Clearing a cloudy pool using clarifier. Ideal clear water after adding Super Blue

Updated on May 19, 2013
Cloudy pool water
Cloudy pool water

What is a clarifier?

If you've struggled with a cloudy or green pool and have tried everything, there is something that might be suitable to try. A type of clarifier known as a flocculant, commonly called "drop n' vac" or "Dropout" is a solution that when added to water will bind together larger particles like algae. When several bind together the particle becomes heavier and sinks. This will result in the water being clear. (But everything has sunk to the bottom of the pool)

Despite the clear water, you now have the bottom of the pool covered with sunken algae.The result is a very light "dust" that when attempting to brush would defeat the purpose of having added the flocculant to begin with. It will need to be vacuumed from pool to waste.

Do I need a clarifier or a flocculant?

The "drop n' vac" I mentioned is really for green pools. This drops everything to the bottom of the pool and can then be vacuumed. This article is mainly for pools that do not have algae problems but for water that is cloudy. You need to figure out why the pool is cloudy though as a clarifier is only going to be a temporary fix unless you've fixed the problem and just want to clear the water.

Filtration is the key

I can't stress enough that the pump must be working well with a full prime and run an adequate amount of time. I've seen people cut the run time to around 2 hours a day to save electricity. This is not going to keep your pool clear. Filtration... are you keeping the filter clean? Does the cartridge need replaced? is D.E. powder shooting back into the pool when you add it to your D.E. filter? My point is that there is a reason the pool is cloudy. If your chemicals are within desired ranges and there is no visible algae, then something with the pump/flow/filtration is off. Any of these things can easily cause pool water to cloud.

Buying clarifier

I highly recommend a clarifier listed on this sight. I have used these products personally on my accounts when needed. They are more concentrated then some other clarifiers on the market. You'll normally see a significant difference in water clarity within 24 hours (provided pump is running)


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