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A Quick and Easy Guide to Decluttering Your Kitchen: Clutter-Busting Kitchen Tools

Updated on May 9, 2011

Kitchens can quickly become home to an amazing amount of clutter.  There’s an appliance for just about anything, and if there’s not an appliance, there’s a pan or gadget for it.  Before you know it, you’ve got so much stuff that you can’t find what you need.  Instead of saving you time, as most of these devices are meant to do, they end up costing you time in the end.

Despite this, there are actually kitchen devices that can help simplify things in the kitchen.  Some can replace other items (1 small package instead of 1 large pan), and others can help you keep what you do have organized.

These knives will quickly replace any others you have, allowing you to easily pare down your knife collection.
These knives will quickly replace any others you have, allowing you to easily pare down your knife collection. | Source

Forever Sharp Knives

This is my new favorite product.  I bought these knives a few months ago at Sam’s Club.  It comes with six knives—2 TV knives (I don’t know why they’re called this, but I use it for everything.  It cuts through bread, tomatoes, fruits, meat, and, as I saw in a demonstration at the store, wood and metal.), 1 santoku knife, 1 filet knife, and 2 paring knives, plus 2 juicers.  I gave away one TV knife and one juicer for Christmas.  I had a whole drawer full of knives, and I was able to get rid of all (but the steak knives—these knives would be a bit awkward at the table).  Now I have five knives plus steak knives, significantly cutting down on knife clutter.  These knives also come with a lifetime guarantee, so if something goes wrong with the knife, it'll be replaced.

Foil or silicone baking cups

Baking pans are large and awkwardly shaped. They don’t stack easily in cupboards, either. Replace your baking pans with foil or silicone baking cups. These cups stand alone, so you don’t need a pan; just set them on a baking sheet. They take up as much space as one muffin cup in the pan, so they save you lots of space! Foil cups are single use. Silicone baking cups can be used again and again. They also come in different shapes, like squares and triangles, for a unique cupcake or muffin.

Soda Stream

If your family drinks a lot of pop, a great space (and money—it pays for itself within a few months) saver is a Soda Stream.  Cases of pop, especially if your family drinks different types, can take up a lot of space in the fridge, garage, or any other place you store it.  A Soda Stream removes the need for a large number of cans.  All you need is the Soda Stream, which is fairly small and doesn’t take up a lot of space, a few reusable bottles, and the flavored syrups.  In addition to saving space, this saves money over time, and, more importantly, saves the environment by creating less waste.

Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid Food Storage

Plasticware is a major source of clutter.  I know I’m not the only one who’s reached into a cupboard to pull out a container, only to have an avalanche of containers and lids fall on me.  Not only that, but several lids had no containers and several containers no lids.  This is the epitome of clutter!  Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid Food Storage helps solve this problem.  The containers all stack together, and the lids not only stack together, they also snap to the bottom of the containers.  This keeps sets together and keeps things organized, a serious decluttering product!

Spice Racks

Spice racks are great space savers, a great alternative to cupboards or drawers filled with spices.  They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find one to fit almost any kitchen.  They can be mounted to cupboard doors.  They can be compact drawer units.  You can also get countertop models.  I have one made by Kamenstein, and a terrific perk with that brand is you get free spice refills for 5 years!  You just have to pay shipping, which is just a few cents per package (one package fills one jar).

Can Rack

Can racks are an easy way to fight the clutter in your cupboards!  It’s easy to forget about cans as they get hidden behind stacks of other cans.  Not to mention that if you do have stacks of cans, removing the one you want can lead to an avalanche.  The can racks easily store your cans, making them easily accessible, and you can also load them so cans expiring earliest are in the front.  That way you can easily use them first before they expire.


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