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The versatile coat tree

Updated on April 5, 2011

A coat tree is a very useful piece of furniture that is used to hang coats, umbrellas and even caps and hats. This tall piece of furniture is often found in homes that are situated in wet or damp parts of the countries. You will find them placed close to the front door in the foyer. This way, you can stow away your wet accessories to drip dry or hang your coat till you are ready to use it again. In large and small houses alike, a coat tree is a very useful piece of furniture especially in terms of ensuring that your house does not end up with wet patches. It also helps you keep organized and clean.

A coat tree is distinctly different from a set of hooks on the wall that can be used to hang coats. This is because it is meant to be a stand-alone piece of furniture. It is pretty obvious why the coat tree is named so. Its individual branches are placed and stretch out in a manner to make it resemble a bare tree in autumn. You will find that it comes with a wide base and with branches that are placed in such a manner so as to balance the piece of furniture when it is laden with clothes and accessories. The average coat tree is around two meters tall and is built in such a way so that nothing you hang on it, brushes against the floor.

The coat tree has been taken a step further and also comes with a shoe bench attached to it. This thoughtfully allows for someone to come in from the snow, take off their coat and then sit down and slip out of sloppy shoes. Also some coat trees come with hat racks that are incorporated on top. This allows for those special or designer hats to be placed next to each other without them crowding or spoiling the shape of each other.

Coat trees have also found other uses such as being placed into walk-in closets to hang bags. They are also used to organize accessories. This allows for space to be intelligibly. The only thing to be kept in mind is the placement of the tree, especially when it comes to the front door. Don’t place it so close that it tips over is the door opens on it.


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