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My New Kitchen Kettle is Electric!

Updated on November 23, 2014

I was visiting my daughter in the mainland this past Spring and wanted to make myself some hot chocolate. It was a chilly day in Oregon and cocoa sounded lovely. Her tea kettle wasn't sitting on or near her stove in the kitchen, so I asked her where the kettle was. She pointed to this gleaming stainless steel electric kettle sitting on her counter and I stood there surprised and feeling a little lost.

Growing up, I raised her and her brother in a kitchen that utilized whistling tea kettles heated on a stove burner. I just didn't expect to have my daughter explain to me how to boil water. Ha! She had a good laugh and said she'd received the electric kettle as a gift and loved it.

Then she quickly showed me how it works.....

  1. Put water in the kettle.
  2. Set kettle on the electric base on the counter.
  3. Plug the kettle into the outlet on the wall.
  4. Push the "on" button.

In a very short time, the red indicator button clicked off quietly and my water was ready. I was so impressed with this kitchen appliance, I bought myself a new electric kettle when I returned home from my trip.

I chose this Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Electric Kettle because.....

  • It has a water level window that makes it easy to see when I've got enough water in the kettle. (my old kettle I always had to guess.)
  • There is an anti-scale mesh filter in the spout of the kettle (my old kettle did not have this feature). The filter is easy to remove to clean occasionally with running water and a soft brush.
  • The lid opening button on the back of the handle makes the boiling water easy to pour AND protects my hands from the heat. (my previous kettle had an opening button directly on the spout and I often burnt my fingers.)
  • The stainless steel exterior is easy to keep clean and it looks great! (my old red kettle needed a good scrubbing often as it attracted cooking oil from the stove).
  • My new electric kettle leaves all my stove burners free for cooking.
  • No annoying screaming whistle to wake up my shift-working husband (or future grandbabies!) :)
  • Best of all, my new electric kettle boils water faster, saves energy and therefore saves our household money.

This electric kettle is "my cup of tea". :)

Easy to Pour Electric Tea Kettle
Easy to Pour Electric Tea Kettle | Source

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I think this is a perfect gift for absent-minded people or the elderly. It is much safer than heating water on top of the stove. When the water is done, this electric kettle shuts itself off!

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Red light is illuminated when kettle is in use.Water level gauge is convenient.Boil water quickly so you can get out of the kitchen and on to more important things. (Like that good book you've been reading.) ;)
Red light is illuminated when kettle is in use.
Red light is illuminated when kettle is in use.
Water level gauge is convenient.
Water level gauge is convenient.
Boil water quickly so you can get out of the kitchen and on to more important things. (Like that good book you've been reading.) ;)
Boil water quickly so you can get out of the kitchen and on to more important things. (Like that good book you've been reading.) ;)

Do you think you may gift yourself an electric kettle? Or do you know someone who would really enjoy one?

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    • evawrites1 profile image

      evawrites1 3 years ago

      I have the opposite situation... I just changed my electric kettle for a classic one :) I really love the whistling sound, I missed it with the electric one...

    • TerriCarr profile image

      TerriCarr 3 years ago

      I have something similar to this....but this model looks like it is better quality than the one I have. I am absolutely one of those people who would let a pot of water boil dry!

    • DreyaB profile image

      DreyaB 3 years ago from France

      I've always used an electric kettle but I'm a Brit so it's been commonplace for me. I like Tefal products over here and may well be in the market for a new one, as I think my current kettle is about to give up after many, many years of reliable service... Thanks for your recommendation and making me aware of the differences between us all. :0)

    • profile image

      getmoreinfo 3 years ago

      I am a big tea drinker, I like this electric kettle.

    • DawnRae64 profile image

      Dawn 3 years ago from Maryland, USA

      wonderful lens. Congrats on the win!

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