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Coffee Table Plans - The Best Woodworking Project Plans Out There!

Updated on November 30, 2009

My Coffee Table

Coffee Table Plans - These Major Errors Will Doom Your Next Woodworking Project From The Start!


The best place to start any major woodworking project is with a wood working plan. This starting point helps you with your wood working or scroll saw plans.

Your finished piece will look much better and will be of a much higher quality if you start with the right plan. A proper project plan will help you end up with a great result by providing detailed illustrations and and clear directions.

You can buy a high quality plan online or you can sometimes find them for free. If you can draw you can even design your own plan.

Procuring quality designs

If you can't afford to pay for a high quality plan you might be able to find a suitable free pattern online. The major problem with free plans is that they typically are of lower quality. Since you can find high quality project plans for just a dollar or two online, there is no real reason to settle for a free plan.

General plans are readily available, as are plans for specific projects. You can buy simple or complicated plans for all kinds of projects.

You can also find a large number of websites that have plans for children's toys and other items which are decorative. These kinds of websites are easy enough to find with your favorite search engine

Your local library will often have books with plans or you can always check a nearby bookstore. Magazines for woodworkers usually have a few popular project plans in each issue. You can collect these plans by tearing them out of the magazines you buy.

If you are new to woodworking you should definitely start with a simple plan. This will teach you about the techniques and how to read the plans without getting too stressed with complicated design. When you start to learn more you can then move onto more complicated and extravagant projects.

You should make sure you choose good quality plans, these are ones that provide lots of clear information. Look for plans with detailed illustrations and photographs so you never doubt what you should do next. You will never lose any of your valuable plans if you put them in a binder or file folder.

You could either follow the plan exactly as it is written, or you can make some minor alterations. You can quite easily personalize generic plans by changing a few simple steps. Painting your project instead of using wood stain is also worth considering.

Designing your own project

After you have acquired some wood working skills you can design your own project plan. This sounds hard but in reality it's pretty easy. You should start by sketching out a design and then adding some extra details to it at a later date.

Material selection

Now is the perfect opportunity to choose which wood kind you'd like to use on your project. Be sure to calculate carefully to make sure you order enough wood to complete your project.

Also work out the materials which you will need in order to finish the project. Create a comprehensive list of materials needed for your project and don't forget quantities. Write everything down that you will need, including wood stains or paint.

If you don't have all of the tools you need, be sure to include those on your list as well. Take this list out with you when you go shopping so that you are sure to get everything you need.


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