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Short on Kitchen Storage? Use Collapsible Accessories Like These

Updated on October 9, 2015
The collapsible collander
The collapsible collander

I'm Hooked on Collapsible Kitchen Items

First, it was the multicolored measuring cups we got as a wedding gift, then the over-the-sink strainer you see pictured here. Next on our wish list are the food storage containers, a salad spinner, even a set of funnels and a tea kettle, all of which you can flatten when not in use.

By going collapsible, not only can we fit a lot more in our kitchen drawers and cabinets, but these flattened items are also more orderly (which my anal self really likes) and easily accessible. And they're great for going car-camping too, because they tuck neatly into our storage bins.

All of these items are dishwasher safe, and you can save space in there as well by putting them in flat. We've found they clean up just fine that way.

Or you can hand-wash and set them out to dry on -- yep, you guessed it -- a collapsible dish drying rack with a snap-on drain board, so that too is easy to tuck away when not in use, which frees up valuable countertop real estate. (There's a "squishable" over-the-sink model also.)

These products are mostly made of food-safe silicone, a rubbery or plastic material, so they're tough but soft to the touch without any sharp edges.

My Husband's Favorite Collapsible Accessory

If you know my husband, you'd think it was something to do with football or photography. But the one particular item he kept mentioning for months was this collapsible colander. So, I finally got one, and now he wants to make pasta and wash vegetables all the time -- any excuse to pop open the strainer and stick it on the sink. I can barely get my hands on the thing, or the measuring cups for that matter, before he takes over. I think he just likes popping them open and squishing them flat again more so than the cooking.

And There are More Kitchen Things You Can Flatten

These are some of the cool collapsibles I've been gushing about. Besides home kitchens and camping storage, these accessories are perfect for RVs, boats, small office kitchens ... anywhere you want to save space and reduce clutter.

Besides what you see here, you can find collapsible, nesting drinking cup and mixing bowl sets. Who knows, maybe there's even collapsible furniture out there (although that sounds like it might have its drawbacks).

Collapsible Measuring Cups

We have these too. They come with a little hanger thingy, so you just snap the cups on it and either hang them on a hook or store them that way, stacked on top of each other.

Collapsible Combination Salad Spinner and Serving Bowl

You can use the spinner to wash veggies and other foods also, and the inner bowl can double as a serving dish too ... all of which flattens to a fraction of its full size.

See how easy it is to expand and collapse these items by watching a demonstration of the salad spinner, which is a multi-use "piece of gear" (as we say in the backpacking/camping world).

A Collapsible Kettle?

Yep, you can collapse that too.

As an avid camper and backpacker, this is a favorite on my gear list. It's got a four-cup capacity, perfect for one or two people for their coffee, tea, hot cocoa or cooking any dehydrated foods that just need hot water.

© 2013 Deb Kingsbury

What's your favorite kitchen accessory? Have anything collapsible?

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