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Collecting Emma Bridgewater Pottery

Updated on January 14, 2017

Collecting British Made Pottery

Stoke on Trent is the home of this charming hand painted English pottery that has been collected internationally for many years.

The first time I saw this unique tableware was in a gift shop in Ireland. Many of the shops offered Emma Bridgewater mugs, plates, dishes and colorful tea sets. I then started noticing her beautiful collectible designs in Victoria magazine. The farmhouse friendly pottery is made and hand painted and comes in such beautiful designs you might start buying and collecting sets for yourself. And why not? What's more cheerful than a mug of tea or coffee with a beautiful hand painted design.

The popular lines include Black Toast, Polka Dots, Birds, Dogs and more. With their homey appeal and their modern dishwasher and microwave safe quality these lovely pieces make beautiful housewarming gifts. If you are a fan of gifts that are made in the United Kingdom, your friend or family member is an Anglophile or a lover of artistic, handcrafted wares consider these lovely sets.

Emma Bridgewater Robin Mug Image Amazon

Black Toast

Black Toast is Emma Bridgewater's pottery line that has distinct black lettering on a creamy background. There are plates, mugs, sugar bowls, tea pots and more. This pattern will fit well in the modern kitchen or in the English country kitchen. You can expect to find many of the traditional English foods printed across the unique pieces including Bubble & Squeak, Biscuits, Bacon & Egg, Porridge and Jersey Cream. And lovely Marmalade, a pattern of warm and sunny oranges, of course complements the Black Toast line.

If you love British foods or just love the warm familiar look of English country peruse the fun and friendly Black Toast pattern.

Polka dots

Polka dots is another pattern in the line. Bright colored polka dots on creamy porcelain pieces. Another way to bring some whimsy into your kitchen or dining room. There's also polka pottery hearts, these make great gifts for weddings, Valentine's Day or a special birthday.

Yes! They make Royal Wedding Pottery too!

Sponge Decorating at the Emma Bridgewater Factory.

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