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Color Code Moving Labels

Updated on July 10, 2017
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Cheryl likes things that help to make her home more friendly and efficient. These are some of the ideas that she has used.


Color Coded Moving Labels that Can Be Customized

Find Color Code Labels for Moving to help you be more organized, come moving day. Moving can be exciting and fun, or not. Either way, the boxes still need to get packed and unpacked. It's amazing how much help colored labels give.

Having your labels be color coded, helps you to identify a specific type of box, without having to get up close to read it, which can help both you and the movers. At the end of the trip, it's easier to know where to take each box without having to open it first.

A question for you...

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The best area to add your labels:

This will require some thinking ahead, but helps out big time. Most of your boxes will probably be stacked, meaning that a side or even multiple sides might be the best area to place your labels. You can easily see from the side what types of content are inside the various boxes.

It is also best to place the labels near the top of the box. That way if other boxes are placed in front of the first box, you can more easily move the next box a bit to see the label behind it.

How best to stack your boxes:

Try to stack your boxes with the labels facing out. If some boxes can't be placed that way, it's a good idea to have extra labels on hand to identify these boxes at a glance too.

The general rule is that larger and heavier boxes go on the bottom. But also keep in mind what is inside the box. For instance, if it is fine china, although heavy, you may not want to stack other items on top of it. Also, be sure to have Fragile labels on hand to identify the boxes to take extra precautions with. Be sure that heavy boxes are not placed on top of boxes labeled Fragile.

Easy to Customize - Color Coded Moving Labels

These can be customized.
These can be customized. | Source

Custom Moving Labels

Want to pick your own colors? Order specific colors for the rooms that you need. Each colored label can be customized.

The label to the right is a sample of a custom moving label. These are called shipping labels and they measure 2 inches long by 3.75 inches wide.

You can type in your own text and or choose from Fragile, Open First, Heavy, Storage, Pet Supplies, Living Room, Dining Room Kitchen, Bedroom 1, etc. already on various colored labels.

You can type in your own special description on the template that is provided. There are currently 19 colors to choose from. These custom moving labels are ordered from, a print on demand company.

Labeling tape is also an option.

Moving Supplies - 2 Room Labeling Tape--tape for Your Bedroom, Living Room, Bathroom and Kitchen! Organize While Packing!
Moving Supplies - 2 Room Labeling Tape--tape for Your Bedroom, Living Room, Bathroom and Kitchen! Organize While Packing!

With tape, the words can easily go around the box to be seen from various sides. You can tape it so that the words appear right along the edge of the box, or wherever is most visible for the movers and packers to see it.

If you place it near the top edge of the box, it can be more easily seen if other boxes are placed in front of it.

Note, this tape is made for labeling, not for sealing the boxes.


We're moving, postcards.


Remember to let friends and family know your new address.

These postcards are easy to customize.

Tip: type in your new address and message on the We're moving postcard before placing your order. The only thing you'll need to fill in later will be the send to addresses, or:

You can also type in the addressees addresses online, and add each postcard, one at a time to your cart. The typed print will be easier to read, and may also make adding addresses go faster, if you are a pretty good typist.

You'll find these postcards included as an option in the link provided in the Custom Moving Labels, above.

Learn Packing Tips - Wrap and Pad...

*Stand wrapped dishes on end.

*Place lighter dishware on top.

Be sure to wrap dishes and glassware individually.

Savings tip: If there is a local newspaper company near by, they may allow you to take an end of roll of newspaper to help with your wrapping and packing needs. We have gotten an end of roll from out local newspaper company and have also known of others that have done so as well. An end roll goes a long way.

Our local newspaper company gives the end rolls away free of charge.

Get a variety of packing boxes.

You can get extra boxes from your local grocery store; they can be a big help.

They can also be ordered online. I've noticed though, that the packing boxes that one purchases, are usually sturdier.

An assortment of sizes comes in handy.

Little things, like the contents in desk drawers, in the medicine cabinet, and bathroom cleaners, are easier to locate when they are in their own separate box. You can use shoe boxes and other small packing boxes for this.

These smaller boxes can be packed inside of larger boxes, and helps you to be more organized and efficient when unpacking and putting items away in your new home.

Clothes stay neater when hung on hangers.

Bankers Box SmoothMove Wardrobe and Moving Boxes, 24” x 24” x 40”, 3 Pack (7711001)
Bankers Box SmoothMove Wardrobe and Moving Boxes, 24” x 24” x 40”, 3 Pack (7711001)

Each wardrobe box includes a 24" bar to accommodate up to 2 linear feet of items. Tape is required for assembly. Your clothing will come out looking nicer when they are hung, rather than folding everything.


I hope that you have found this information useful.

I have had the experience of moving five different times, sometimes in state, and sometimes out of state. Anything you do to help the labeling and packing process in the beginning, really helps in the end, when you are ready to unpack it all.

May you have an enjoyable move and also easy unpacking at your new location.

Is this your first move? Do you have a tip to share? - Happy relocating!

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    • CherylsArt profile image

      Cheryl Paton 4 years ago from West Virginia

      @movingadvice: You're so right! Some extra preparation helps the whole process go easier.

    • movingadvice profile image

      David Johnson 4 years ago from Mesa, AZ

      Color-coded labels make unloading and unpacking so much easier! I recommend that everyone take the extra time to properly label your stuff and boxes before a will love yourself later!