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Comparing Different Types of Glow in the Dark Stars

Updated on December 15, 2014

Glow in the Dark Stars

If you are planning on decorating a room with glow in the dark stars, there are a variety of different stars available that can be used. Packs of glow stars vary in the number of stars, their size and their colour; with some even available that will "twinkle." The prices below were those listed when the stars were checked, and may have changed since. All the different packets were available on Amazon.

A Selection of Glow in the Dark Star Packets - Glow In The Dark Stars Luminous Toy by Girl Fun Toys

Cost: $1.99 fulfilled by Amazon

Advantages: The packet is cheap and the stars come in a range of sizes.

Disadvantages: The stars are only available in one colour (green) and the packet only contains a total of twelve stars, nor is the adhesive.

Set of 12 Assorted Color Small, Medium & Large Glow-in-the-dark Stars by Glowing Imaginations

Cost: $4.99 fulfilled by Amazon

Advantages: The stars come in several sizes, classed as small, medium and large, and several colours, which look to be pink, blue, green and orange.

Disadvantages: There are only twelve stars, making them quite expensive individually. Although the adhesive isn't specified, it appears to be a double sided adhesive pad which is sometimes difficult to remove from walls afterwards.

Glowing Imaginations Glow Color Stars by 4M

Cost: $5.10 from Buy 4 Less UK

Advantages: The stars come in a range of sizes and colours. They would appear to be in four sizes and four colours, light green, dark green, orange and pink. The pack contains twenty two stars.

Disadvantages: They also do not appear to glow for very long. The adhesive supplied is adhesive tape.

4M Glow-In-The-Dark Stars mini stars pack of 50 by 4M

Advantages: There are fifty (or possibly sixty) stars in the pack, making them comparatively inexpensive. The adhesive does not appear to damage the wall when the stars are removed, and it appears it can be reused.

Disadvantages: The stars come in only one colour, the standard green, and in only one size. The adhesive supplied is a piece of double sided adhesive that attaches to each star. They do not glow for any substantial length of time.

Glow in the Dark Twinkle Glitter Stars - 40 stars per package - Safe For Walls by University Games

Cost: $6.08 fulfilled by Amazon

Advantages: There are a fair number of stars in the packet, described as being forty. The "twinkling" if it works is a nice feature. The stars are described as coming in at least four sizes.

Disadvantages: The "twinkle" is done by glitter, and may not work very well. The adhesive is not specified, but may be adhesive putty.

Glow-in-the-Dark Colorful Twinkle Stars by Great Explorations

Cost: $6.49 fulfilled by Amazon

Advantages: There are forty stars in the packet, and they come in orange, blue, pink, green and white. They are listed as coming in four different sizes. There is a glitter effect. The adhesive supplied is adhesive putty.

Disadvantages: The adhesive has not always been adequate to stick the stars up. They do not always glow for very long, and the twinkle and colours are less noticeable in the dark.

Glow-in-the-Dark Constellation by Great Expectations

Cost: $7.95 from Cool Stuff Express, Inc

Advantages: The packet comes with 150 stars, apparently making them good value for money. The stars are described as being self-adhesive, meaning that they don't need the adhesive attaching to them. There are also ten constellation templates included, making it easier to create more accurate depictions of existing constellations.

Disadvantages: Many of the stars, if not all of them, would appear to actually be adhesive stickers, not plastic stars. The majority would also seem to not be "star" shaped, but instead circles or dots. Glow time may not be as good.

There Are More Stickers Available

This is only an assortment of the glow in the dark stickers that are available that can be used to decorate a room with stars. Before starting on this type of project, it is recommended to plan it out first. The length of time a star glows for may be very important. Shorter glow times may actually be better; you may not want the stars glowing for hours. Decide what you need and do some research on your chosen items.

Glow In The Dark Stars Luminous Toy by Girl Fun Toys

Advantages: The packet is cheap and the stars come in a range of sizes.

Disadvantages: The stars are only available in one colour (green) and the packet only contains a total of twelve stars, nor is the adhesive.

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    • OnlineSuccessor profile image


      6 years ago

      Another great lens, I'm thinking of changing me lights now. Thumbs up.

    • profile image

      Hannah Writes 

      6 years ago

      Mynfriend's daughter hadbthenstars on her ceiling. When my daughter slept over, she thought it was so cool!


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