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Conair GS4 Compact Fabric Steamer: Cheaply Priced

Updated on August 2, 2015

Why Is The Conair GS4 Compact Fabric Steamer So Popular?

The Conair GS4 Compact Fabric Steamer is one of the best-selling models for home use. It has been around for quite some time and over the years, many people have left good reviews about this appliance that encouraged others to buy. In actual fact, it is a value for money fabric

steamer because it is much less expensive that most other models out there in the market while it does the job acceptably well.

Naturally, you should do your research before you buy. You should also identify your needs first and find out what each model can and cannot do before ordering a steamer. Nevertheless, this Conair model is highly affordable which is what makes it a good choice for those looking for their first fabric steamer or just having a small budget.

Conair GS4 Compact Fabric Steamer Current Offer

Conair GS4R Compact Fabric Steamer
Conair GS4R Compact Fabric Steamer

You can read further reviews of this appliance at Amazon. There are nearly 200 reviews listed there, giving you a good gauge as to the quality of this steamer. Click on the 'Buy Now' button to go over those reviews now!


Features Of The Conair GS4 Compact Fabric Steamer

The Conair GS4 Compact Fabric Steamer is just that - compact. Designed for home use, it is small enough to make it easy to store unlike commercial steamers. Everything will seem to be in place without the messy look once you are done with your chore. The cord, which is 6-feet long, can be wrapped around the base while the hose goes around the steamer with the nozzle ending up at the top and locked in place. If you want something that can kept hidden rather than having a large steamer which can be an eyesore in a home, then you should look into a compact model like this one.

This Conair model is also a 1,200-watt steamer which will give you about 20 minutes of hot steam to smooth out wrinkles on your shirts, dresses, curtains or linens. The nozzle is T-shaped to give you a wide path to run it over your fabric. Of course, you do have to wait a few minutes for the steamer to heat up and start generating steam, so a little patience is required once you turn it on. You can probably steam about 6 to 8 shirts at one go, although that will be highly dependent on how fast you work. The good thing though, if you have lots to steam, is that refilling is easy. Given that this is a compact model, that means it is light. It weighs no more than 5 to 6 pounds (the body alone) and therefore, carrying it to the tub for refilling would not be much of a task.

Because The Conair GS4 Compact Fabric Steamer doesn't have a pole, it comes with a door hook that you can use to hang your garment and nozzle. The hose is 5 feet long so, you will have to make sure that your door isn't too high that you can't reach the top of the garment that you are steaming. However, to solve the problem, you can try putting the steamer on a table or chair and the hose should be long enough to accomplish your task. Actually, it is better that your garment is higher when you are steaming it because the appliance is designed to be used with the hose being in an upright position to avoid spitting. Keep in mind that you have to put the nozzle and hose upright in order to allow condensation to drain back into the water tank if you don't want water marks on your clothes.

Why You Should Settle For The Conair GS4 Compact Fabric Steamer

Firstly, the Conair GS4 Compact Fabric Steamer is cheap. You can't get many steamers at this price that works fairly well. For the price that you pay for the Conair GS4 model, you can only get a less powerful handheld steamer for those popular brands like Steamfast and Rowenta.

Secondly, this Conair steamer is compact. You don't have to worry about storage, particularly if you have a small living space. Not everybody requires a large capacity fabric steamer that can be hard to find the space for.

Lastly, it works, as per the reviews of so many buyers. Of course, some will have complaints as it is only natural that a product will not be able to satisfy all buyers. For fabric steamers and steam irons, complaints about spitting are not uncommon, even for the more expensive brands. The trick is to use it strictly according to instructions such as the level of water needed and how to use it correctly when switched on. At the time of writing, there are 137 reviews at Amazon for this Conair steamer, giving it 3.5 stars for, what is, a less than $30 appliance.

Who Should Get The Conair GS4 Compact Fabric Steamer?

Let's get this straight. The Conair GS4 Compact Fabric Steamer is not for those who are fussy about how their clothes will turn out. If you want crisp and starched-like shirts, this steamer will not do that for you. It will only erase wrinkles so that your garments look presentable and not worn straight out from the dryer. If you can live with wearing something that looks just nice rather than too professional-like, then this steamer is for you. After all, how many people would need a really crisp-looking shirt everyday, right?

Anyway, for those who still want to iron but require a steamer for certain delicate items, then this is also the one to get. Simply because it is cheap and if it is going to be under-utilized, you certainly do not need to invest in an expensive model. Similarly, if you have items that you would never iron such as linens and curtains, but want them to look nice anyway, then this is also a worthwhile investment.

Finally, if you absolutely hate ironing and/or cannot afford to make too many trips to the dry cleaners, then this Conair steamer is also a good start-up model to try your hands at steaming. While steaming can be faster, some people still think of it as ironing, only that it is being done vertically instead of horizontally and therefore, they don't see much of a difference. So, you do need to try it out first if you haven't own before. And a less expensive model like the Conair GS4 Compact Fabric Steamer provides the enrty level model for those looking for their first ever steamer.

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What Now?

Well, If You Want To Get Your Clothes Dewrinkled Quickly & Easily, Why Not Get The Very Affordable Conair Fabric Steamer Now!


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