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Condominium - Looking for Condos for Rent Abroad

Updated on January 30, 2012
Condos in Tokyo
Condos in Tokyo


With all of the talk about emigrating in my previous hub, I decided to write about the form of housing known as a condominium in this article since I believe it is in direct relation. Condos for sale usually spring up in beach resorts and other popular city destinations because it is attractive for the new resident to look for a stylish piece of accommodation.

You may be questioning, 'what exactly is the difference between a condominium and an apartment?' Well, from the outside, you would not be able to tell the difference, but the labeling comes from a legal stand-point.

Condominiums can be individually owned within a complete complex in contrast to apartment blocks which usually have one landlord for the whole building. The individual owner of the condominium may then choose to rent to a third party, although any legal terms related to use of elevators, corridors etc is defined by the joint owners of the complete building.

Photo courtesy of oimax

Condos for Sale

The great thing about Condos for sale or rent is that they provide a comfortable living space for someone who perhaps doesn't require a whole house, for example, they make great bachelor pads or living spaces for a business person who doesn't have any attachments or children.

One of the appealing features of condominiums is often the decorative surroundings or exterior of the building, many projects have been undertaken around the world to make profitable real estate portfolios from condominiums for sale. As you can see in the photo to the right, this condominium complex in Cincinnati has a very post modernist architecture and beautiful surrounding gardens can be seen in the Bangkok condos video at the foot of this article.

Photo courtesy of adamsofen


The great thing about a condominium is that 'Yes, you can decorate!', since if you have bought the individual living space yourself, you are legally entitled to make modifications to anything confined within the four walls you inhabit.

Anything exterior such as the gardens or up keep of hallways and stairs is to be agreed upon by the joint owners, so you should be careful and not make any decisions without informing the relevant parties first.

Photo courtesy smittenkittenoriginals

Condos for Rent in Pattaya!

Finally I come to my area of interest, Pattaya Condos and because it is a popular topic of expats who travel to Thailand I wanted to discuss the knowledge I have gained from talking to some of these people.

If you are planning to buy or rent a condominium in a country foreign to your homeland in the West, the great thing is that the prices may be considerably cheaper. I have a friend who emigrated here and he states that renting his condo by the beach is half the price it might be in some European countries.

Photo courtesy of daveiam


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