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Updated on May 19, 2014
Best quality rugs at
Best quality rugs at | Source

Due to rise in fuel expenses and an improved concern for the atmosphere, so many people are finding new alternatives for staying warm. Thermostats, electric heater, oil burners all consume a lot of finances and one needs to find some genuine economical options for staying warm.

Rugs can add real warmth

Surprisingly rugs can act as a great source for warmth and cut down heating costs. Yes, use rugs to warm up rooms as these are an inexpensive option for heating the entire home. Area rugs keep the cold floors warm by insulation and thus help in cutting the heating costs. It is really uncomfortable to live in cold homes in winters and you must look for creative new options for getting warmth. You can place rugs in areas where you eat lunch or breakfast so that the children can sit easily and their feet don’t remain in direct contact with the floor.

Following are some prominent rug features that help ensure better warmth and you must consider them before purchasing rugs for heating purposes.


Thick area rugs warm rooms by insulating the area between the floor and feet. Choose dark colored rugs for insulation as these rugs absorb heat from the sun and render best insulation. Contemporary area rugs must be placed all around the home so that pets and kids don’t get cold and stay warm.

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Materials from which rugs are made also play a role in their ability for providing insulation. Wool is a very good insulator and is highly durable. However; it requires special cleaning techniques and can be expensive.

Cotton, nylon and acrylic all deliver great insulation but these are not good in terms of durability. These materials are comparatively easy and affordable to clean

Stitch Count

The stitch count of a rug is a major factor that contributes towards the warmth of rug. The stitch count is the number of yarn threads used in the manufacture of a rug. Higher stitch count or knot density shows that the rug is dense and can deliver better insulation. A rug with less knot density means that it will not be an effective one for blocking the cold. To make your room really warm, choose rugs that are thick and have high stitch counts.


For supreme warmth, choose area rugs that cover the entire floor. The room can stay more warm if a rug insulates entire floor surface. If you can not afford a large rug, you can consider several coordinating rugs. For conversational areas, choose rugs that cover the entire sitting space so that your feet don’t come in direct contact with floor.

So cut your heating bills this winter by purchasing durable rugs and enjoy real comfort. By placing the right curtain and area rugs, you can pass the difficult wintertime in the best manner. Admin rugs offer affordable rugs to warm up rooms including area rugs and contemporary rugs so that you do not have to worry about the high costs of heating in winters.


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