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Fold Out Desk: Smart Furniture For Small Spaces

Updated on September 11, 2014

Furnishing A Tiny Home

Converting a small space to a tiny home can be a uniquely rewarding process. I have just recently traded living in my 800 sq ft home for a 200 sq ft school bus conversion. However, downsizing to get to this point was several years in the making, even if I didn't realize it as it happened. Little over three years ago I packed everything my son and I owned into a Nissan Pathfinder and moved away from our hometown. I fit my entire life into a small SUV and that was liberating. In that three years since we downsized our living, I have made it a point to never keep around the stuff I don't use anymore. I might have had a little problem with keeping things with sentimental value, and I still might. But I have managed to keep it under control. Now I find myself able to "expand" out of my 800 sq ft house into a 200 sq ft school bus conversion with ease.

How you ask? Well by taking advantage of the space you would not normally think of as space. My bus may not have a lot of floor space, but I have wall space galore. I have stairs that double as drawers and cabinets, attached to my walls. Walls that hide beds inside, fold away furniture, and storage underneath, behind and inside of almost everything in the bus. We even have basement storage underneath the bus, and in-floor storage on the bus. Its about being smart with your spaces.

Living on a bus is about securing your smart spaces. I really like this furniture for my bus conversion because we can secure it to the walls. That is a really important feature in our bus living because while the bus provides us with quite a smooth ride, there are times in the back country things can get a little bumpy. This makes it really important that we make sure that all the furniture in our tiny conversion is easily secured.

Living in a tiny home forces you to be smart with your spaces.

Living on a bus forces you to secure those smart spaces.

Coaster Home Furnishings 800329 Contemporary Bookcase, Cappuccino
Coaster Home Furnishings 800329 Contemporary Bookcase, Cappuccino

We hung these shelves on the wall and used a wall mount to hold our tv. I love the depth and space this adds to the walls, making the bus look bigger than it is.


Space Saving Furniture For Small Spaces

I found the fold up convertible desk to be one of my smartest space saving items on the bus. Being as I am at my desk, a lot, its one of the essential items I insisted I couldn't live without. I was looking for something that could fold away with ease while we were traveling but still provided me with the space and storage for everything I need in my office area. This fold up convertible desk looks like a cabinet when its folded up into the wall. It sleekly hides all of my accessories like my pens, notebook, stickies, and it even has a cork-board for all my little self notes. The best part is I don't have to worry about them flying through the bus when were traveling. The only downside is that my laptop does not fit inside of the desk when its folded up, however, I solved that problem with a couple of other convertible shelf cabinets I bought to match this one.

My bench seats has plenty of deep storage. The shelves are unique and offer a depth to my space saving design. The library offers even more storage as well as drawers.

Sauder Shoal Creek Library with Doors, Jamocha Wood
Sauder Shoal Creek Library with Doors, Jamocha Wood

I put this library in between my office and the kitchen. It doubles as a book shelf, and I hide some of my dry kitchen items in it as well.


Cool Conversion Furniture

The first video featured here is about using space smart. It was a huge inspiration for me when deciding how to furnish the bus. While my budget has not allowed me to purchase any of these smart furniture designs, we have definitely ran with the ideas presented and utilized them in the design of our bus conversion.

The other video is of a lovely bus conversion and the work, time and thought that went into making it. Living on a bus can be very rewarding and if you are interested in doing your own conversion I highly suggest watching this one.

What do you think about living in a tiny space? Could you do it?

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    • KarenTBTEN profile image

      KarenTBTEN 4 years ago

      My apartment is less than 200 square feet. I do have a problem with clutter. Possibly my biggest issue is paper. Nowadays less actual paper passes through my abode, but there sure are a lot of papers stashed places.