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Cool and Unique Steampunk Wall Clock

Updated on September 7, 2015

I love this clock for quite a few reasons, but chief of which is because it is steampunk. Steampunk is kind of a fusion of Victorian style and technology. The idea with steampunk is that everything is possible, given enough gears and widgets.

This clock has steampunk written all over it. From the big notchy outer gears on the lower left to all the intricate gears on the upper right. It has a old, worn look, but very sturdy. Like it has been ticking along under its own power for years (but actually it runs silently, no tick-tock). The dial is quite prominent and easy to read. The only thing that I think would make this clock better would be if all the gears actually moved and worked. Alas, that is not the case. Stationary beauty only, not in motion.

Though it appears to be metal, brass even, it actually is cold cast resin, then hand painted. It is a Design Toscano exclusive! I've had outdoor resin accessories and they did last for years before breaking down. Without being exposed to the elements, I suspect this clock would last very long indeed.

The addition of the stylized sun on the upper right is beautiful, and if you look closely, you can see an arrow pointing along a row of numbers.

The picture of the earth on the bottom is an excellent addition as well, and I can imagine this in a place of honor in your reading room or study.

Photo: Diesel/Steampunk Spectacles by Coffin Kiss


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