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Cool Gadgets | Gadget Gifts

Updated on April 18, 2013

Gadget Gift Buying Guide for 2013

This buying guide takes you through the cool gadgets and gadget gifts for 2013. Whether you're buying for yourself or choosing a gadget gift you'll find something here. Lots of gear for men, women, teens, children and seniors - because everyone loves gadgets!

We're a household of early adopters for many kinds of gadgets so we enjoy trying the latest gadgets. For gifts and practical applications we tend to stick to tried and tested gadgets with good reviews.

This page will be updated with more cool gadget gift ideas so please bookmark it and check back.

Image: Kindle Fire HD 7", Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, 16 GB - Includes Special Offers

Kindle Fire HD - Top Gadget Gift

The Kindle Fire HD is our top gadget gift recommendation for pretty much anyone! I have one that I share with my 6 year old son and it's our most used gadget.

I use it to read eBooks, listen music and play games.

My son uses it to watch Netflix, read books, play games and educational apps and listen to audio books.

New Kindle Tablets and eReaders 2013
There's a range of Kindle Tablets and Kindle eReaders, including the new PaperWhite. Find out about the different models and which one is best for you.

What sort of Gadget Gift are you looking for?

If you know what sort of gadget gift you are looking for then head straight to the right page. (Otherwise skip to the gadget guide to get some ideas.)

Fitness Gadgets | Gardening Gadgets | Gadgets for Women | Camping Gadgets | Baby Gadgets | Retro Gadgets | Gadgets for Keeping Cool

The Cool Gadgets

Latest and Best Fitness Gadgets for Men and Women

I find that fitness gadgets are a great motivator, they make exercise fun and the results more easily measurable. Fitness gadgets are good gifts for men and women who don't get much exercise as part of their jobs - that's a lot of us these days. And there are some great gadgets for serious fitness fanatics too.

One gadget that is good for all levels of fitness is the Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer, it gathers stats as you exercise and go about your day and helps you measure progress against goals. This is a good motivational fitness gadget and its great for stats lovers.

Another interesting gadget to get people off the couch is the FitDesk Laptop Exercise Bike - an exercise bike with a built-in laptop holder. You can watch movies, use facebook and tweet how far you've cycled. A good fitness gadget for people who find it hard to tear themselves away from their laptop (yeah I'm guilty.)

Garden Gadgets for Moms, Dads, Seniors, ...

Are you buying a gift for someone who loves gardening or enjoys being out in their garden? An outdoor clock makes a lovely gift, you can get very attractive garden clocks that add to the garden decor and are useful too.

Or how about a terracotta style attractive rainwater collection system - it's styled like an urn but also stores rainwater until its needed. Eco-friendly gardeners will love this.

Lots of people enjoy gardening. Gardening gadgets can make gardening easier for seniors and more fun for everyone.

Cool Gadgets for Women - Moms, Girlfriends, Wives, Daughters

Lots of women love gadgets and there are lots to choose from. You could go for a beauty gadget - electronic skin cleaners are very popular at the moment.

Or a craft gadget if she's into scrapbooking, card making or other craft hobbies, or you think she might like to try.

Or maybe a household gadget like a Wake-up light that gradually brightens just before its time to get up so that you wake up naturally even on dark winter mornings (that's one of my favorite cool gadgets for women.)

Camping Gadgets for Families, Men, Teens

Camping is even more popular at the moment as it provides an affordable vacation option when other choices might not be affordable. If you know someone who enjoys camping then a camping gadget makes a great gift for making living outdoors more practical.

A camping family would appreciate the Coleman LED Quad Lantern which splits into four so everyone can have a light.

A solar oven makes a great gadget gift for the camp cool.

And camping teens will appreciate a portable solar charger for all their gadgets.

Baby Gadgets for Expecting Moms and New Dads

Baby Shower Gifts

Baby gadgets can remove a lot of the stress of a new baby. But which ones actually work and are worth your money? Baby gadgets make useful baby shower gifts - don't buy clothes that the baby will soon grow out of or won't be to the Mom's taste, choose something useful like the Braun Ear Thermometer.

Retro Gadgets for Moms, Dads, Seniors, Teens, Girlfriends

Retro Gadgets are very popular, the juxtaposition of modern technology with classic design appeals to a lot of people.

In some cases it's nostalgia like the Crosley Companion 1930s Radio - a great gift for seniors who remember the original (don't worry, the radio technology is modern, not 1930s!

In other cases it's a sense of irony like the Classic Kettle Desk Telephone which comes in a range of colors and looks very cool.

There are lots of cool gadgets for guys with a games room, man room or cellar bar. The iCade wooden arcade game cabinet for the iPad will take you back. Makes a great gift for a mate, son-in-law or cool Dad. A great way to share the classics with teens too.

Anyone wanting to create the classic American diner experience will love retro kitchen gadgets. Classic designs that make great gifts for Mom, Grandma and girlfriends.

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Cool Gadgets and Gadget Gifts

Who will you be buying Gadget Gifts for this Year? - Comments

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