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The 3 Main Types of Cordless Nail Guns

Updated on February 3, 2018

A Quick Overview of Cordless Nail Guns

Today's cordless nail guns are designed around three basic principles, all of which involve propelling a piston with enough force to drive a nail through hard surfaces.

The ways in which this is accomplished differ, though, and may have a big influence on which type of cordless nailer you end up buying.

This article will take a look at the various options available when it comes to cordless nail guns in order to give you a better understanding of which type is best for your needs.


Battery Powered Nail Guns

Pound for pound, you will find battery powered cordless nail guns to be more powerful than their corded cousins.They do tend to be best when used for small to medium trim and finish jobs and are not suggested for larger framing jobs, but for the average size job, they are great.

Battery powered nail guns can tend to get a bit expensive and to be properly equipped you will need to invest in 3 batteries and a good charger to keep yourself up and running for several hours. Most come in the 12-volt to 18-volt range and are equipped with either Ni-Cad or Lithium-ion batteries.

The main players in the battery powered cordless hammer drill arena are Dewalt, Black and Decker, Ridgid and Senco.

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Gas Powered Nail Guns

Gas powered cordless nail guns use replaceable fuel rods that fill a chamber with gasses which are then ignited with a spark provided by a small battery pack. This explosion drives a piston downward with enough force to drive a nail or fastener.

The benefits of this type of setup are portability and easy handling of the tool, but the disadvantages are the initial costs, replacement fuel cell costs, and the fuel cells themselves don't work as well in cold weather or high altitudes.

Paslode made gas powered cordless nail guns popular, and they are still a main player in the game, having gone as far as taking the fuel cell battery pack combination in another direction. Other manufacturers are making models that use fuel cells compatible with many of Paslode's cordless nail guns.

Senco, Hitachi, Bostich and Max all make top selling fuel cell powered cordless nail guns.

Framing with a nail gun
Framing with a nail gun | Source

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Powder Actuated Nail Guns

The majority of modern cordless nail guns have one thing in common, and that is a battery. What differs is how much the battery is involved in producing enough force to move the piston.

One of the earliest methods of making this happen, and one that is still used today, is to take a small cylinder or cartridge filled with an explosive powder and ignite it. This will propel a piston with enough force to drive a nail or fastener.

This is similar to the concept behind a small handgun with a gunpowder-filled round, hence we get the name "nail gun".

The three main manufacturers of powder actuated cordless hammer drills that dominate the marketplace are Remington, Ramset, and Hilti.

Installing flooring with pneumatic nail gun
Installing flooring with pneumatic nail gun | Source

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