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Super Cheap Couches For Sale

Updated on September 7, 2014

Find the Perfect Couch For Sale

If you are looking to buy a couch at great price you have come to the right place! All the best deals on couches online can be found on this page. Below you will find couches, covers and eBay auctions for the best prices on furniture you have ever seen. Don't wait these deals change everyday if you see something you like you better snatch it up today. Happy Shopping with couches on sale!

If you're looking for cheap futons for sale find them here as well!

There is nothing better than having a sophisticated looking living room by bringing in a black leather couch. Black is a very versatile color because you can change your living room walls or throw pillows as many times as you want without having to worry about matching the furniture! On the downside beware of black showing every little hair and dust mite possible.

Top 2 Quality Sofa Brands

With a price tag that won't sting -too bad!

These are the top two brands of couches I would recommend buying online. There is no better way of knowing if you're getting a great deal than reading legit customer reviews! If you go to a furniture store, the only person to tell you it's great is the sales person ---ha! So take a peek at some examples of Bobkona's and angelos furniture - don't forget to check out the star ratings too.

1. Bobkona

2. Angelo:Home

Consider buying a brown couch to create a warm and neutral feel to your living room. You can incorporate many under tones such as cream and warm colors. Brown is fun to play with because it can be paired with almost any color and still look great.

Where To Find Cheap Couches

Where should you look?

Whether you're moving or looking for new furniture, you are bound to need a couch. Economic times like today doesn't make it very easy to live in luxury but there are ways to get around that with a tight budget.

Here are my top 5 places to buy low priced sofas:


This is my number one go to spot when I look for furniture in general. They have tons of sellers and the best part is you can barter with these people. Just send them an email or take their phone number directly off their listing. I have gotten sellers to mark the price in half AND deliver it to my house for free. Take a peek and make sure you "check" the box that says "has image" on the search.


I know, you may be thinking I am crazy for looking online for a couch but i'm not! There are over 37,000 listings for couches on Amazon and people desperate to make a buck. A lot of couches are marked way down because shipping costs can get a little spendy. But if you think about the shipping and original cost combined, it is a good deal! Customize your search by narrowing down the color, size, and even the price. If you have a prime membership there are actually free shipping deals on couches! "Check" the box on the left hand side where it says Prime to check out two day shipping options.


I hadn't heard of this website before and when I checked it out, it's real nice! Click on your city and up in the search bar type in "couch." This will bring up a ton of listings for you to browse. I have seen fabulous looking leather couches for as low as $80! This site is almost like craigslist but is also integrated into a facebook app too if that's easier for you!

4. Sears

When I think of sears I think of appliances but it's much more than that searching online. Look for markdowns with a red slash through the prices. Make sure up in the right hand corner of the site you put in your zip code for Local Availability letting you know if the couch is in stock nearby.

5. Ebay

Good ol' eBay. Just like Amazon, they have a huge selection sitting around 57,000+ listings for couches. Sort your matches by distance to your location on the drop down menu. There could be your perfect couch someone needs to get rid of right away for super cheap. You can even email the seller to ask any questions before you commit to buying the couch.

How much is a cheap couch to you?

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What would be better than a SpongeBob couch for your little ones? Treat them to their own little "living room" to play house in or do their homework, you really can't go wrong.

Do you have a wild side or many girls in the household? Consider going pink with this great sofa sleeper with two pillows! It also offers free shipping on Amazon...very rare to find!

Reupholstering Couches

Have you considered reupholstering your old couch to give it a fresh look? Depending on the fabric deals in your area you can save hundreds of dollars on just redoing your couch yourself instead of buying a brand new one! Watch this video to see how a disgusting old couch can transform into something amazing.


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