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Countertop Water Coolers Could Be The Perfect Solution

Updated on December 21, 2010

Countertop Water Coolers

Countertop water coolers are a great attentive to a full size water dispenser. Countertop water coolers are very convenient for many people everywhere for many different reasons. Let us discuss these reasons now.

Some of these reasons include things such as the size of the countertop water cooler is a lot smaller. Another is that countertop water coolers is usually connected straight to your water source, so therefor there is no need to refill heavy water bottles at such an expensive cost.

Also you do not have to lug around those heavy bottles yourself.

Countertop Water Coolers Work Well For Everyone

Because countertop water coolers are connected directly to the water source of your location you do not need to worry about the water running out, so there is always enough water to go around for everyone. For the kids in your home or for the employees in the office countertop water coolers work well for everyone.

For a long while me and my family had to get bottles water because it was cleaner then the water that came from our tap. I lugged around 10 pound water bottles from refilling them at expensive prices at the water pumps to the car, up the stairs into my home and then lifted the huge water bottle up in the air to flip it onto the water dispenser?!

This wasn't a very pleasant option for me, but I needed clean water to drink and so we kept up this process for several months. If I only knew about countertop water coolers at that point, my life would have been so much easier and less expensive to boot!

Countertop Water Coolers Can Filter Your Water

Countertop water coolers often have their own filtering system built into them. If you have bad quality water in your location like a I did then you will want to look for a countertop water cooler that definitely has a filtration feature built in. Another great thing about a countertop water cooler is that it can also help filter out the extra chlorine in your water, helping to eliminate the chlorine smell and taste.

Cleaning Your Countertop Water Cooler

Countertop water coolers are not very hard to take apart and clean, good thing since you will want to take apart the countertop water cooler at least twice a year to disinfect and clean the system. Sometimes you may want to take apart and clean more often if you are in a location that is easily prone to have mildew growth.

Contertop Water Coolers Can Dispense HOT Water?

Do not let the name fool you, a countertop water cooler can often dispense hot water as well as chilled water.

If the countertop water cooler has an option to dispense hot water also then it should also be made with a child protection lever, so the child does not scold themselves if playing with the countertop water cooler.

This is especially important for homes, but is also good safety for an office or anyplace else you may be using countertop water coolers.

A Countertop Water Cooler Could Be For You

Countertop water coolers are a great option for many people, though they are not always good for everyone or every situation. After weighing the pros and cons of a countertop watercooler you can decide if it is a good investment for your home.


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