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Country Cottage Style Bedding & Bedspreads: My Favorites

Updated on September 24, 2014

Country Cottage Style Bedding: Cozy, Country Living Bedspreads

Decorating your house in the country cottage style is a really popular option lately, and for good reason! Many people have positive associations with the cottage lifestyle, remembering the slow days of summer spent with family and friends. Country cottage style bedding is a wonderful way to make your bedroom spaces cozy, inviting and comfortable to spend time in.

Narrowing down exactly what constitutes the country cottage bedding style can be tricky, and it's equally difficult to find attractive, functional and comfortable cottage style bedspreads that fit with the modern home. There's a fine line you must walk between forward thinking and fashionable, and old, dusty and worn out.

This article is intended to provide reviews of a few of my favorite cottage style bedding options, listing them and giving a brief description of each one, and why I like them. We'll first chat a little bit about what makes up the style and why cottage bedding and country living accessories are becoming a phenomenon. Let's get started!

What Makes Cottage Style Bedding & Bedspreads Unique? - How country living bedding, bedspreads are different from other styles.

So what exactly makes the style of country cottage bedding unique, and what differentiates it from other similar motifs? There are a lot of different looks that share a similar vein, but there are some distinguishing features that I'll point out in this list.

  1. Colors, Patterns and Themes:

    While there isn't a hard and fast color rule when it comes to cottage style bedding, there are some very popular themes. Cornflower blue lue and white are probably the most popular and common, but you can also add in a warm, light yellow tone and it matches wonderfully. The fabric often has patterns to it, especially top blankets, duvet covers and quilts. They tend to be plaid or gingham checkered, or occasionally you'll see a tasteful flower print. Cottage style bedspreads shouldn't be too elaborate, stick with pastel colors, classic patterns and, of course simple white or cream colored sheets.

  2. Fabric and Textures:

    Country cottage style bedding & bedspreads often utilize cozy and comfortable fabrics. Quilts are extremely popular with the style, and things like homemade style patchwork quilts, ruffled or lace fringed blankets, linen sheets and plaid or checkered / gingham throw blankets are really great choices.

    One tip: If you're mixing styles, and the duvet / quilt is a solid color, do a pattern for the pillowcases, and vice versa. Mixing two different patterns can be disastrous.

  3. Mix and Match Textures & Colors:

    Part of the charm of country cottage living style bedding is the eclectic, mixed style of colors and textures. This doesn't mean you have free reign to match every random bit of linen you have, but you can tastefully match complimentary pastel colors and different textures. Yellow and blue pastels are awesome matches, as are blues and whites. Don't be afraid to combine ruffles with lace, and a nice ruffled pillow sham can really spruce up an otherwise plain white bedspread.

Sophia: A country cottage chic bedspread by Laura Ashley

A beautiful cottage inspired bedding set

The Laura Ashley 'Sophia' comforter set is one of my favorites because it exemplifies a popular country cottage style bedspread look, with its blue and white accents, including subtle blue printed floral designs on the comforter and pillow shams, and the simple but attractive and cozy bed skirt.

The padded shams and the comforter can give the whole set a nice, overstuffed look that you just want to sink into.

Ruffled Quilt: A classic country cottage style bedspread

A simple, stunning, country living style bedspread

I really like this ivory coloured quilt set because it's simple but really elegant. Both of the pillow shams and the quilt itself are covered in rows of soft ruffles, and this gives it a depth and stylish appeal.

The quilt and the shams are actually reversible, and the inside is a lot more conservative, so you can mix it up depending on the room and the bed. It's simple enough to encompass the cottage style bedspread look, but fits with others also.

If you want a little more color, I recommend getting a couple of nice patchwork or plaid pillowcases to decorate the bed and make it look a little more homemade.

Coral Blue Quilt: An inviting country cottage style bedding set

A gorgeous cabin or country inspired quilt set, with shams

This Coral style quilt set is another of my favourites because it's tasteful, simple and works with a lot of different colours and patterns, so you can probably incorporate a few of your own blankets or pillows and it'll work well. It has a blue theme, with an underwater motif that's inviting, calming and pleasant to look at.

The quilt itself is really oversized, so it will fit even the larger, deep pocket mattresses and cover everything well. The set comes with two shams and the matching quilt, and it has subtle ruffles and a shell and coral pattern on it. It's one of the best cottage style bedspread sets I've found.

Blooming Prairie: A patchwork style country cottage bedspread.

A country style bedding set that looks handmade

The Blooming Prairie bedding set is nice because it replicates the homemade, patchwork style that you'll often see in cute little cabins, cottages and lodges.

Warm, soft and very comfortable, the oversized quilt has a number of different patch styles including paisley, rose and some floral patterns.

The overall tone is warm, and it pairs really nicely with simple white or ivory sheets, though it's up to you.

Trellis Blue Quilt: A top country cottage bedspread choice

Elegant, simple and rustic, this cottage quilt & sham set is a winner

This bed in a bag set from Textiles Plus is a great cottage inspired bedding set because it takes the warm, inviting look to heart.

All the pieces have a gentle charm. The trellis blue, off white and flower motif is offset by the bold, checkered blue and white pattern on the reverse side of the quilt. It's large enough to fit on deep pocket mattresses, and the matching pillow shams complete the look perfectly.

It's a charming set of country style bedspread that your guests will rave about.

More Cottage Style Bedspreads, Quilts and Duvets:

In case you didn't find anything to suit your fancy, here are a few others that I like the look of. I can't write a review of each one out there, but hopefully you see something that you like in the following list.

What do you think about cottage chic bedding sets?

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