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Country Style Kitchens: 10 Amazing Design Tips

Updated on September 25, 2013

Learn how to make the kitchen the heart of your home!

Country Style Kitchens are very much in vogue at present as the sleek stainless steel look is not for everyone. Rustic kitchens have a warmth and welcome about them.

Changing the style and decor of any room can be daunting but non more so than the kitchen but you will see from these ideas it need not be a huge endeavour.

Small changes can have a great impact and they need not be at all expensive. A lot of the items can be found in your home already. You can off course spend a fortune if you wish but some of the collections we have seen are spectacular and awe inspiring.

Sourcing items for your rustic kitchen can be fun and you will find you have a lot of scope in what you add to your kitchen.

Scouring antique shops and car boot sales can unearth beautiful examples of old containers, pottery and old clock etc. Just have an idea of what you are looking for and you will not be disappointed.

Upcycled furniture in your kitchen
Upcycled furniture in your kitchen

1) Using recycled furniture to create the style

If you like an authentic look recycling furniture is a great idea. Old tables can be given a new lease of life.

Start collecting vintage pieces such as lampshades, wicker baskets and mirrors, these can be found in charity shops at a fraction of the cost of buying them new.

You will probably have a lot of things already in your home that just need a coat of paint to blend in with the rest of the decor.

Open shelving for displaying your collections
Open shelving for displaying your collections

2) Open shelving to display your China Collections

Having a shelf the length of a kitchen gives a continuous display area for your great collections of old porcelain and china.

This French style kitchen is enhanced with the chequered floor tiles and the plain white tiles around the cooking area.

The wooden storage under the sink is in keeping with the rest of the decor.

2 Maximising the look
2 Maximising the look

3) Maximising the style

If you are lucky enough the have an open fireplace in your kitchen it is a good idea to have your eating area nearby.

This immediately creates a very cosy atmosphere and looks really welcoming. Mix and match table ware for fun dining.

The pale cream paintwork in this kitchen is perfect as you can add a lot of colour to your design over time.

Old "Modern" with a country style
Old "Modern" with a country style

4) Old "Modern" With a Country Style

You can combine old style with new. The island in this kitchen has old barnwood alongside the new island but they retain the Country Style.

The old tractor seats look great and blend seamlessly with the wooden floor and storage cupboards.

The natural wood ceiling beam is a continuation of the "old and new" style with the white tiled backsplash and white paintwork.

Beautiful White
Beautiful White

5) Beautiful "White"

If you love the pristine look of white it is still possible to retain the Country Style with the right furnishings, even the painted wooden ceiling beams are amazing in this white kitchen.

Open plan and an old refectory table give an immediate country look and wickerwork baskets and recycled wooden crates have a timeless appeal in any style kitchen, either modern or traditional.

Don't be timid when it comes to restyling.

6 A "Touch of Red"
6 A "Touch of Red"

6) "A Touch of Red"

Country style kitchens love lots of color and having a simple one color scheme gives the "Wow" factor.

Highly polished wooden floors and wooden tables with the addition of an old chandelier are easy to copy to and simply introducing any color has a striking effect.

The floor to ceiling windows allow this kitchen to glow by allowing so much light into a large kitchen.

7 Time for a  change
7 Time for a change

7) Time for a Change

The beautiful wooden ceiling in this kitchen is accentuated by painting the outer beams the same colour as the storage units. This creates continuity.

The oversized clock is a humorous touch but makes such a great impact along with the enamel pail used for flowers and the enamel bread bin.

Little touches such as the wooden basket and the chalk board perfect this gem of a country style kitchen.

8) Putting it all together

When restyling a country style kitchen getting the right look is important. Putting your own stamp on it can be fun and this kitchen has great furnishings that are thoughtful and beautiful too.

Ideas such as having huge mirrors alongside each other and the enamel kettle on the old fashioned stove (all kept in pristine condition) create harmony and style.

9 "Show Off"
9 "Show Off"

9) "Show Off"

There are endless amounts of ways of creating a country style kitchen. Tables and chairs can be from almost any era and with a little work can look new.

Be prepared to spend time sourcing old country style containers and kitchenware. The bold display of rustic coffee and pepper grinders with huge containers are united by the addition of the same green color of accessories arranged throughout the open shelves.

This is then continued on the table with the green plant and the collection of cookware.

10) Quick Makeover

If you would like a quick and easy makeover adding one small change can be just as effective as changing the decor.

A collection of different size and shape wicker baskets used for storing linen and other kitchen items look amazing when hung in strategic positions along the wall.

You can get a good idea from this simple and inexpensive idea how to get a rustic style for your kitchen.

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