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Country or Farmhouse Kitchen Designs and Ideas

Updated on June 10, 2015

Country Kitchens

No matter where a person may live, a country or farmhouse kitchen theme and design remains among the more popular choices for ladies wanting to create a sense of warmth, family and coziness to their home.

Whether you live in the country or city, a lot of women want to retain a feeling of strong family connections that permeated the home long ago, and which a comfortable country kitchen can help provide.

There is no one look for a farmhouse kitchen, but it's something that you'll immediately recognize and feel when you see it. A country kitchen is known as much by its accents as it is by its cabinets and design; probably more than any other kitchen design theme.

So even if you don't want to do a big remodel, adding some specific items to your kitchen décor will add a lot to the ambiance and comfort, which so many families desire for their home.


Farmhouse Kitchen Accents

One thing to consider when giving your kitchen a country look is it's something that you want to have look lived in. That means adding things that don't necessarily have to be perfect in looks.

For example, finding an old vase or jar with a couple of nicks in it could be perfect for your kitchen if it meshes with your décor. There's nothing wrong with some nice, old items to bring out the farmhouse charm of the past.

Just think of some of the ways people decorated their kitchens long ago, or look on the Internet or in magazines celebrating those times to see what the kitchens of those times looked like.

Let's look at a few ideas that cover a lot of the kitchen design accents of days gone by.

Gingham | Source
Plaid | Source

Country Kitchen Fabrics

One of the important elements to include in a country kitchen design are fabrics.

Some of the more popular fabric designs for country or farmhouse kitchens include plaid, gingham, and white lace.

For those of you who don't know what gingham is, it's a fabric with horizontal and vertical lines in it which create a check effect. Gingham helps to create a relaxed and informal setting, an important part of that peaceful atmosphere we want to create. The photo to the right is an example of red and white gingham, although it can come in any set of colors. There is also a plaid to give some contrast to the two designs.

You can decorate your kitchen windows with these fabric designs; use them on your kitchen table or chairs; for cushions; or a set of napkins or kitchen towels.

Other ideas would be to place a vase or other item on it and shape it in the background to create a wonderful look. You get the idea. Just be a little creative and you'll get some fantastic results.

Farmhouse Kitchen Décor

There are a wide variety of things you can add to a kitchen to create the look and atmosphere you desire.

Among these are old jars, vases, containers, jugs, among similar items. These always go well with the country kitchen theme.

As for the jars, one thing we do in our kitchen is to place things like pasta or flour in the glass jars for display accents, or when we cook up some rolls or goodies, we place them in the jars as well.

For color you could add some candy, although you have to be careful in the warmer months if you like to open the windows for natural air flows, as it can result in the candy melting or getting sticky. But if you watch the temperature, you shouldn't have any of that problem. It also invites the children or grandchildren to participate in some tasty delights.

Other items that are almost a must for a country kitchen are lamps, lanterns, bottles of different colors, butter churns, pottery and any antique kitchen utensils of farm tools, among many others.

Placing your cookbooks in strategic locations also looks great, and they are also on hand for when you need to check out a recipe.

If you don't have many of these items, just go to yard, garage or tag sales (whatever you may call them in your area) and look for items that would fit your country kitchen theme. Flea markets, estate sales and antique stores are other places to check out, as are Internet auctions and web sites.

Finally, don't forget to include some fresh flowers when they're available, they can add beauty and scent to the kitchen, providing that welcoming feeling.

Wood Furniture in Country Kitchens

One thing I've done for my country kitchen is to add some wood furniture. An enjoyable thing to do there is to add some homemade cushions to the chairs; cushions that include ties on them to secure to the sides so the cushion stays in place while providing comfort.

If you're not skilled in these areas, you can find some nice cushion options at local stores.

These chairs, or other items like tables, can be found by some of the means mentioned earlier. One thing to bear in mind is that wooden kitchen furniture doesn't need to be perfect. As a matter of fact, a few chips or smudges adds charm and character to the look, providing authenticity and that lived in feeling that makes one think you can kick up your feet and relax in this home.

Don't be discouraged if you find some great wood furniture which has some wear that is too obvious. There are markers you can use that will blend in with almost any wood finish to cover the areas showing too much damage.

In a country or farmhouse kitchen design, a little distress is part of the warmth and charm, and should be embraced rather than avoided.

Adding Knobs or Pulls to Kitchen Cabinets

A fantastic way to quickly increase the country feel to your kitchen is to search for some pulls, knobs or handles that have a country look.

It's not too difficult to put them on, and you can also have a handy person in the family to install them, or hire someone if you must. It is quick and easy, and shouldn't be very expensive if you find the right person to do it.

If you look at more modern kitchen cabinets, they don't look as nice from a country point of view because of the somewhat boring handles included which don't have a lot of character to them.

This is a quick and easy fix that pays off in dividends immediately.

Photos of Country, Farmhouse Kitchen Designs

Now we'll look at a few examples of kitchen designs with a country or farmhouse theme. There will be photos of kitchens with very different looks and accents to inspire and give you ideas on what fits your personal style.

With the first one below there is an obvious wood theme. I really like this with the exception of one thing. Did you see it when you first looked at it? It's the lack of windows in the room, and thus the need for extra lighting to make up for the rather dark room. To me, farmhouse kitchens need to be full of natural light, and so in that regard it's a negative, even though the rest of the design is really nice looking.

The hanging lights look good, but the ceiling lights themselves are too modern for my country tastes, as it appears odd to me when taking in the rest of the décor.

Having said that, the design of the kitchen itself is magnificent, with a real country look to it. The choice of black handles on the cabinets is a good one, as is the blue tile splashback by the stove. The soft blue adds a nice touch to the rougher wood look.

I also like the way the sink, refrigerator and stove are separated. It works well with the flow of the room.

As was mentioned, this is a great kitchen, with the only weakness, in my opinion, being the lack of natural light. But because natural light is so important for a country kitchen look, it is a major impediment to the rest.


Blue Country Kitchen Theme

This is a fantastic kitchen as far as the brushed blue cabinets go, as it's one of the more compelling and outstanding country looks. You get the feeling you're looking at denim on a cabinet. That always looks nice.

Also wonderful here is the old beams on the ceiling and rock designs surrounding the stove and in the foreground.

Notice the jugs, jars, cookbooks and bowl scattered around the kitchen to accentuate the area. There could have been a little more of that, but a good looking and welcoming room.

The knotted wood on the floor finishes off the farmhouse kitchen look.


White Farmhouse Kitchen Theme

Farmhouse kitchens with a white theme were very popular in the past, and remain so today. It helped to create a bright room with the reflection of natural light, creating that warm and cheery atmosphere we all want.

Below are a couple of examples of white-themed country kitchens, with the top one embracing a traditional country kitchen look, while the second one combines a contemporary and traditional look.

My preference is for the first one, as it encapsulates the type of kitchen I would want to have, or at least walk into and feel at home if invited somewhere. To me, the stainless steel, which works in some kitchen décor, doesn't work in a country kitchen theme, as it appears cold in contrast to the rest.

But some of you may like a more modern look, and it may work great for you. It's all in personal preferences, so in that regard nothing is wrong if you like it, although entertaining others must be part of the decision if that's part of your lifestyle.


Rustic Country Kitchen

This is an awesome, rustic country kitchen. If a country kitchen is made to be a place of relaxation and feeling at home, this one has all of that.

The brown and earth tone theme are fantastic, and that rustic, slanting ceiling is extraordinary in my view. It's almost like your home is a lodge, with the accompanying sense of friendship and camaraderie.

Utilizing the brown and tan tiles as a splashback above the sink was a terrific decision, as it blends in well with the overall décor of the room, including the reddish/brown floor. Notice that beautiful throw rug in front of the sink as well.

Also compelling, but easy to miss, are the stairs coming down into the kitchen area. That creates the feeling of stepping down into a family room.

And the lighting works great, with the combination of natural lighting from the window and the light from the overhead, hanging light making it just bright enough to feel homey.

What completes this fantastic country kitchen are the accents all over the place, including the choice of tablecloth, items on the kitchen table, large bowl near the microwave, and the jugs on the shelves above the sink, among other items.


Country Kitchen Accents

The next three photos were included to give you a bunch of ideas on what types of items you can use to accent your country kitchen.

Be aware that these aren't being shown for their design elements, as they are for the numerous objects in each photo, which combined, offer dozens of ideas of object you could use to make your country kitchen the kitchen of your dreams.


Country and Farmhouse Kitchens

This was an inspirational group of country kitchen themes, with numerous ideas for anyone wanting to warm up their kitchen, or maybe for those more ambitious people, to give it an entire makeover.

No matter what type of kitchen you currently have, taking a few of the accents shown here and working them into your décor will make it feel a lot more warm and welcoming, something all of us desire for family and friends.

As you can see, a farmhouse or country kitchen is an awesome choice for anyone attracted to that style. The number of options available, along with the items that can be used for designing it, make this a fun and fulfilling project for anyone to participate in, and the results will be very satisfying for everyone involved.


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    • dejacobsen99 profile image

      dejacobsen99 5 years ago from North Dakota

      Yard sales and rummage sales are a great idea for decorator items. Much cheaper than the antique stores and easier to find really unusual stuff.