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Couponing And Saving Money

Updated on June 20, 2017

Couponing and Saving Money the Right Way

If you are looking to learn how to coupon and learn how to save money on absolutely everything you buy. Then welcome you have come to the right place. As I have been learning for about a year now on how to Coupon and how to save I have learned so much that I am going to share with you! Yes you! Best part is. I have done all this without a printer available. What is my secret? Making sure I stay on top of the sales and on top of the pricing. I am a mom of two special needs kids. Time I do not have..Patience is thin. I need the best deals and the best products for my money hands down. If you think gosh I don't have time to coupon or find deals everyday or once a week then you are wrong my friend. You NEED to make time. When you make time you have time and when you have time you save so much $$$ that you would be able to take that luxurious vacation to the tropics. Vacation?? Yes I have great deals for those to! Join me now on a marvellous journey.

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I am not a professional. I am an everyday mom that likes saving hundreds of dollars on everyday items!

What is the deal with Grocery couponing?

Grocery couponing for me is fun! It is one of the couponing tricks I use twice a month or more depending on the sales. I say if you can save over 50% on your grocery bill then your doing ok. If you can save even more then that (having a printer really helps!) then you are GOLDEN. I get so excited when I go to the grocery store and before all my coupons my total is USD $100. this is after their sales which I usually run about $200 before all sales and coupons. You then look at the cashier and say just one moment I have coupons. Of course they all get this look of dismay. Ignore it. After coupons My biil usually runs anywhere from $30 to $50. This is really good seeing as I am only using the coupons I receive in the mail and find in the stores. Can be frustrating but I am not complaining that is for sure! Do you see now how much it helps to have these coupons? Planning your trip and taking the time? One trip alone can save me well over the 50% mark that I have designated!

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Items to help with your coupon needs!

These are all items that will help you get started in the couponing process! Its great to have. Remember you will make your money back from these items in your first trip!

Be sure to click through ebates to get 4% cash back plus a $5 sign on bonus!

HP Deskjet 1000 Printer (CH340A#B1H)
HP Deskjet 1000 Printer (CH340A#B1H)

Or you can use the basic printer.


Couponing is Fun but be aware that it can become addicting. Do not become a hoarder! Donate to local charities!

Couponing in the department stores!

Now, Couponing in the department stores can be dreadful but fun. You have one mission and one mission only! To hit up every clearance section you can! For instance I can walk into Kohls and hit up the clearance. My best trip ever I saved $397.36 and I spent $35.49. Can we say amazing? This was for household items, clothes, shoes, etc. Not to shabby.

Christmas time is a dread. What did my mom want for Christmas? A Keurig! Most people would have said no. As for me? Another Mission! Needless to say I got my mom a just below the top of the line Keurig for Christmas for $80 shipped to my house. How did I do this? Let's break it down.

Keurig B60 UPC 0400884183316

Sale price online $ 149.99

Coupon code found online for 30% off -45.00

Total Price before tax and Shipping Subtotal: $ 104.99

Tax: $ 6.30


Eligible for free shipping because I was over their amount. Plus $20.00 Kohls cash which is money to be spent in their store. Just like cash back. Plus I went through another company for 6% cash back plus a $5 sign on bonus. Which is another $11.30 back this time actual cash back. In all essential here is what I spent and got back.

I spent $111.20 out of pocket.

I got back $31.20 In bonuses!

I also got free shipping!

Total after savings and Cash back $ 80.00

This isn't to shabby is it? Remember I also used a coupon code for another 30% off so essentially I saved $109.99 that is well over the 50% savings that I have designated for my groceries let alone a Keurig!

Picture shown is the Keurig that I purchased!

Recent Trip Section!

Picture shown is a recent trip to Kohls. I had $20 in kohls cash to spend. I needed to splurge on myself :). Besides The deals I found were unreal!! Even the cashier flipped out. She ended up calling over all the "available" cashiers because she thought that it was the most awesome thing she ever saw. Of course I am standing there hair a hot mess kids screaming and me trying to smile my way out the door. If I would have spent less then 4$ more I would have increased one coupon to 20%. The lady never offered. But to be honest I was at that point gearing up to run for the door! I am going to break what I bought down for you!

Items I purchased for myself:

2 pairs of shorts, 1 pair of capris, 1 pair of work pants and 1 really cute top. Oh and don't forget the new shades :)!

Items I purchased for my mom:

4 pairs of some of the coolest shorts I have seen yet and 1 pair of really awesome capris.

Items I purchased for my nephew:

4 Pairs of pants.

Items I purchased for my daughter (for next year):

9 pairs of pants and 5 sweater tops.

Item I purchased for my son:

One car toy that was not something I would have picked but he was a trooper!

You couldn't get this much stuff at these prices at goodwill no way no how! So when I say you can get amazing deals! I really really mean that you can get amazing deals!!!!

Buying a home or Refinancing?

I have 3 coupon codes each code is worth $750 off a home purchase or a refinance! Couponing on a house is always awesome right? Just email me at

Lets have a debate everyone!

Are you willing to coupon?

Always check online

One thing I can not stress is always check online for coupon codes, rebates or better deals. Having a barcode scanner on your smart phone is a good thing to have. If you are having trouble trying to figure out the best deals good it. I have also compiled a list of really awesome websites to help you! I hope you enjoy. Also, be sure to join ebates! Click the Ebates picture below to join now! You and I both will get a $5 sign on bonus! It really pays to go through them. They also have daily doubles where you can earn double the cash back at certain stores everyday!

Photo credited to:

I tell you if there is something I love it is constant great deals. has several sister sites where you can get 30% your first item. Good deal or not? GREAT deal! I just got a dresser for my daughter for 42.85 shipped. This is with coupon codes, cash back through their sister site that transferred over and also cash back through ebates. Not a bad deal at all! For a dresser. Check them out by clicking the banner below! Try putting my code in on top of the 30% off and make an attempt for 50% off! They allow stacking of coupon codes for most codes.

use code: Deal Site

Never rely on double of coupons! This is an awesome perk but you shouldn't be afraid to coupon if your stores don't offer the doubling. Most of the time you can stack a manufacturer and store coupon together for even better discounts!

Here are a few links to websites that are awesome as well!

I used recently and got about 200 diapers and over 600 wipes all huggies brand for about 32.40 shipped. This all includes Cash back which I got twice and it includes about 5 different coupon codes I used. That is one heck of a deal when all that was shipped and at my house in 2 days from when I ordered. Click on some of the links provided for more information and rememeber to use the codes on the link! When you sign up for and place an order they will donate $45 to a charity! The code for is for $10 off your first order. I went through and got my son the innotab2 for Christmas and I got it for 54.99 shipped! One heck of a deal. Enjoy!

use code: JENN414051

Excludes existing customers of,, or other Quidsi sites. Restrictions apply.

use code JENN414051Shop toys, games, books, video games, music and more!

Links to websites to assist you

Amazon home page

Amazon is also really good! I will be adding more sites as I go!

Are you ready to start couponing? - Let me know!!!

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