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Why live in Clarington, Ontario?

Updated on January 19, 2012
Clarington City Hall
Clarington City Hall

Clarington, Ontario

Clarington is the most Easterly Municipality of the Region of Durham (Which is the Eastern boarder of the Greater Toronto Area) and is made up of the townships of Courtice, Bowmanville and Newcastle as well as many surrounding hamlets including Hampton, Solina, Tyrone and another of others.

The communities house a population of over 77,000 residents and has experience large growth throughout the last 20 years in most geographical areas.

Referred to as the Town of Newcastle for nearly 20 years it has been known as Clarington since 1994 to put to rest confusion between the Municipality and the town of Newcastle which remains.


Courtice shares a boarder to the West with the City of Oshawa at the aptly named Townline Rd., You could easily pass over from one to the other without noticing while driving along King Street, the main street which is also the old Highway #2. It is not a large town, but still features a 401 exchange, a new South Courtice Area completed in 2003, a number of commercial areas.

Expansion of Courtice Real Estate still continues in the South of the town, but much of Courtice is in the 15-25 year range and the Norther reaches have been earmarked for a green buffer zone between Oshawa and the rest of Clarington.

Being so close to Oshawa and a commutable distance to Toronto is a draw for home owners and keeps Courtice, and Clarington as a whole, a bedroom community. Lower property taxes and similar values are also draws for some buyers deciding between the two areas. 


Bowmanville is the middle of the three major communities in Clarington and is the largest in area and population partly because of the large expansion of Real Estate in Bowmanville's North East and South West corners over the last 10 years as well as major commercial development west of the City's charming downtown. It even contains the only "Big Box" commercial development including a Home Depot and Walmart.

Bowmanville also features the Bowmanville Zoo, Mosport International Raceway to the North of the city,

Major employers include Darlington Nuclear Plant, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police regional office, and St. Mary's Cement


The last major community before leaving the Greater Toronto Area is Newcastle a small town that has again, grown in leaps and bounds in the last 10 years. Newcastle real estate has taken off all over the town, but specifically the Port of Newcastle area on the lake.

Even though it sits at the Eastern edge of Clarington real estate values as quite similar to those of the rest of Clarington as well as it's neighbour to the West... the City of Oshawa.

Newcastle & District Recreation Complex opened in 2008 and the library on King Street are just part of the new developments that can been seen in the area.

For more information on Clarington see the links below. To learn more about it's neighbour to the West check out my hub on Oshawa Real Estate


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      4 years ago

      If it is a professional, quality site that you desire to put across, then here are some suggestions. "Border" as in, edge of township, does not have an "a" in it. Actually, there are so many grammatical errors and ill-conceived, non-sensical sentences in this page that I won't bother to point each out individually. I guess the fact that you haven't updated it in 2 years points to its usefulness.


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