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Delicious Meals Using The Cuisinart Round Waffle Maker-Carrying On The Family Waffle Recipe

Updated on February 24, 2017
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Cynthia Haltom, Ph.D. is an accomplished educator and author of over 100 books. Many of her books are about cooking.

I love the smell and taste of freshly made waffles in my kitchen and in my mouth. My family has been making waffles since I can remember. My mom was one of those people who was always cooking in the kitchen and at least once a week we woke to the smell of fresh waffles for breakfast. She shared her secret recipe with me when I first got married and I have been making them ever since.

The real secret is to make sure to put oil in the batter to prevent them from sticking to the griddle. This have come a long way since them and now there are many different mixes for use in a waffle maker. I have tried many and I have to tell you don't forget the oil in the mix or it will stick. The smell is amazing and everyone's mouth will water in anticipation no matter which recipe you choose.

I have a good friend who comes over for dinner sometimes and she insists on waffles for dinner. She says they remind her of her mother's old recipe and she eats her fill every time I make them for her. My family also enjoys them and my children were treated to my waffles every weekend when they were kids.

Many people say toaster waffles are good, but when you actually compare them to home-made there is a big difference. I have always loved breakfast food and my Cuisinart waffle maker has certainly a great investment. It doesn't matter what recipe you use they come off of the griddle perfectly. I think I just talked myself into waffles for dinner tonight. My family will be happy to hear that!

Waffles the Old-Fashioned Way

Who wouldn't like to wake up to old fashion homemade waffles? I know I would. Once you find a good recipe, it is the easiest way to make breakfast in the morning. When you first get you waffle maker follow the direction in the package to determine if you need to season your grill. Some waffle irons are made to be non-stick while other need a good coat of oil to prevent sticking.

I alway add a tablespoon of oil to my waffle recipe to prevent sticking to the grill. It is easy to do and ensure that the waffle is easy to remove without making a mess.

I also recommend that you take the time to learn how the waffle maker. You can use the prepackage instruction that came with you waffle machine or you may what to purchase a waffle cookbook and learn a variety of different types of waffles.

Making Belgian Waffles

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Homemade Recipe

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    • junkcat profile image

      junkcat 4 years ago

      I really need a waffle maker, I love waffles.