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Cuisinart Hand Mixer

Updated on March 23, 2010

Are you looking for a way to mix your cookie dough or other mixes?  Try using the Cuisinart hand mixer.  The Cuisinart hand mixer is easy to use since it is light and easily maneuverable.  It is also easy to clean.  When you chose your Cuisinart hand mixer, there are several factors which you must look at.

First and foremost is how easy it is to use your mixer.  The buttons on the mixer should be easy to switch on and off.  When you hold the mixer, make sure it is comfortable in your hands.  Also make sure that it is not too heavy or too light otherwise it would be hard to control.  When you finish using your mixer, you’ll want to be able to easily clean it.  The mixer should be able to eject allowing you to wash it thoroughly. 

The next thing you should look at in a Cuisinart hand mixer is the power.  The mixer should have plenty of power to mix the hardest and unmoving of dough.  Check the watts of the mixer; the higher the better.

The Cuisinart hand mixer should have adjustable speed settings.  This controls how fast or slow you mix.  High speed settings allow for mixing dense dough while lower speeds allow you to whip cream.  Switching speeds should be easy and you should be able to do it on the fly.

You can find a Cuisinart hand mixer in just about any kitchen appliance store.  The best place to shop for one though would be online.  You can pick from a much wider variety of mixers all with different characteristics and prices.  You are also more apt to find a better deal online.  The following are some Cuisinart hand mixers that you should consider.

Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer

  • 220 watts of power with automatic feedback
  • Chrome-plated Cuisinart logo band
  • SmoothStart® feature with 3 low mixing speeds eliminating splattering
  • One-step power switch with 7-speed LED display
  • Easy-to-use speed control and beater eject lever
  • Swivel cord for right-handed or left-handed use
  • Extra-long self cleaning beaters with no center posts
  • Professional chef’s whisk and spatula
  • Instruction and recipe book included

Cuisinart CHM-3 Electronic Hand Mixer 3 Speed

  • 220 Watts of Power with automatic feedback cuts through cold sticks of butter
  • Easy to use speed control and beater eject button
  • Exclusive swivel cord for right handed or left-handed use
  • Extra long self cleaning beaters with no center posts


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