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Curio Cabinets Styles

Updated on January 28, 2016

Different Styles of Curio Cabinets

Curio cabinets, as the name implies, were developed as storage and display pieces for "curious" or novel decorative objects. Today, they are found in all different styles of home décor, from traditional to modern. Because curio cabinets are available in such a range of styles, it is easy to find one that complements any décor. Here is a look at some features to consider when selecting a curio cabinet for purchase.

Curio Cabinets in Today's Home

Compliment Your Décor

If you are looking for small cabinet a great choice is a wall mounted curio cabinet, or you can find some that are freestanding or made to sit on a table. Choosing from these options depends on the space available, and what the contents of the cabinet will be. A collection of porcelain figurines, for example, would be well-suited to display in a traditional living or dining room. Here the choice of cabinet might be a wall-mounted piece made of a hardwood such as cherry curio cabinet, that would compliment both the décor of the room and the figurines themselves. Out of the reach of small hands, it would protect the fragile pieces while allowing them to be displayed. This photo shows the collectors personal choice displayed in a corner landing on a stairway.

In contrast, a collection of antique Dinky toys would be a great conversation piece in a family room. A small table-top curio cabinet would provide easy access to the toys. A casual finish, such as painted wood, complements the playful and antique nature of the curios.

A Varied Selection of Curio Cabinets on Amazon

Styles of Curio Cabinets

Size and Spacing Is Important

Free-standing console curio cabinets are popular in dining rooms, where they can house a collection of tea cups or a set of fine china. Here, a tall yet narrow corner curio cabinet is a space-saving option. This puts the otherwise unused corner to good use, especially if the cabinet provides shelves from top to bottom. See how nicely this corner cabinet is decorated for Christmas? It is very unique with the faux fireplace too!

Glass doors are a standard feature of curio cabinets, as they keep the pieces free from dust. Some curio cabinets are completely enclosed with glass, while other cabinets are glass on the front and sides and have a solid backing. Some units also come with backs that are mirrored or metallic. These cabinets are a dramatic way to showcase a few larger pieces.

Increasing the drama, some cabinets have interior lights, making the piece and its contents a focal point in any room. Many styles of curio cabinet offer adjustable shelves. Some other options to consider are sliding glass doors and locking doors.

There is wide variety of choices in finishes and colors for these units. Probably the most popular color are the white curio cabinets. These will work well in both a formal and more contemporary setting. For a unique and elegant look in a formal setting, nothing beats a gold curio cabinet.

Cabinet Manufacturers and Measurements

Since these cabinets are popular and timeless, there are many manufacturers. Some of the top cabinet making names are Pulaski, Powell, and Howard Miller. Each of these offers a wide range of styles and prices.

How do you decide what type of cabinet to purchase? First take the measurements of the corner or area you wish to install the curio cabinet in. The measurements need to be height, depth and width. This measurement step will aide you in purchasing a curio cabinet that is the correct size for the design area. There is nothing worse than purchasing a piece of furniture you did not measure for and then find out it doesn't not fit!

Since the style of the cabinet is personal, keep in mind the feel of the home and the style that is already there. If you have a contemporary décor in you home, then a large oak cabinet is not the best choice. After you've chosen the right cabinet and have placed it perfectly, you will find it a joy to display your prized possessions, from family heirlooms to antique knic knacs, and whatever your heart desires!

Personal Uses for Curio Cabinets

Antiques abound!

When my mom passed away I was so pleased to inherit her little 18-inch tall, 3-fold scalloped glass curio cabinet filled with miniature vases. My mom wasn't really a collector of sorts so that little cabinet that hung on the wall with it's contents so perfectly organized and displayed, always spoke to me about a part of my mother that I wasn't so familiar with. I never asked her about why she had it or what it meant to her, it was kind of like a little secret that I just accepted and adored.

I also inherited her china and when looking for a cabinet to store it in, found that antique stores are a plethora for curio cabinet seekers. It took me several months but I did finally find the right cabinet to store her lovely china in. It's original use was more for knick-knacks and collectables, but nowadays people use these curio cabinets for their fine china. They are usually a good price when comparing a new cabinet.

What's your favorite type of curio cabinet

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    • profile image

      jennifermartine 5 years ago

      Are these all available under 300 dollars? Curio cabinets are the best décor it self. They look fabulous if installed properly.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Good lens on Curio cabinet.Nice information you have shared about style of curio cabinet.Thanks for sharing nice ideas.

    • profile image

      pmseou 6 years ago

      Interesting lens. Good ideas for corner curio cabinet

    • PromptWriter profile image

      Moe Wood 9 years ago from Eastern Ontario

      There seemed to be a period where curios were out of fashion but it looks like they are making quite the comeback. I'd like to get one for my grandmother's china but haven't decided on a style (or location).