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Curved Shower Rods

Updated on October 3, 2014

Curved shower rods have recently become trend in urban houses.

One of the reasons why this curved rods are so popular these days is that it enhances the bathing space. When your bathing space is limited / tight, then you do not have to expand your bathroom but with curved rods, you can expand your bathing space by at least 25%.

By installing curved rods, you can save your money on bathroom remodeling.

With its popularity, it is not difficult to find curved rods in market. However, it is better that you know all the benefits of curved rods before buying so you can pick the best curved rods that will fit the best for you (in terms of budget and space).

Zenith Premium 60-Inch to 72-Inch Adjustable Curved Rod. Picture taken from Amazon

Why people prefer curved shower rods?

Because of the following benefits:

1. Eliminate splashing water during water.

With the right curtain, you can keep all the water remains in your bathing area so the water does not splash everywhere.

2. More bathing space.

Showering just takes few minutes but enjoyable showering gives you optimal refreshment every time you bath. Who want to bath in small bathing area? I’m sure none of your want to bath in small area; therefore applying curved rods is more recommended.

3. Flexibility.

All curtains that you have for your straight rods are also applicable for the curved rods. Have oval bathroom or other unusual bathroom shapes? Curved rods are the most recommended options to match with unusual bathroom shapes. You only have to take a look at your bathroom and search on online stores to find curved rods that will match with your bathroom shape.

4. Better look bathroom.

With curved rods, your bathroom will look classy even without renovating or make over your bathroom.

Shower rods come in various materials and stainless shower rods are the most common collections in market. Although you can find brushed nickel finishes in market, stainless is more recommended especially if your bathroom applies modern bathroom design. If you think that curved rods are expensive then you are wrong. Almost all curved rods are sold under $50 even the bigh quality rods are sold not more than $50. For those who want used to use double straight shower rods, there are also double curved rods that are affordable.

Recommended Curved Shower Rods

Zenith Premium 60-Inch to 72-Inch Adjustable Double Curved Rod, Chrome
Zenith Premium 60-Inch to 72-Inch Adjustable Double Curved Rod, Chrome

This model comes in chrome finish where it will be a perfect match for contemporary bathroom design. The length of the curved rod is 72" so make sure you have measured the size of your bathroom. Knowing the exact dimension of your bathroom is highly recommended before you search various rods on internet. Zenith double curved rods are not expensive although it has classy look.

Zenna Home 35601BN, Curved Shower Curtain Rod, 60 to 72-Inch, Brushed Nickel
Zenna Home 35601BN, Curved Shower Curtain Rod, 60 to 72-Inch, Brushed Nickel

This model is similar with above Zenith Premium Chrome model. The only difference, this model is a brushed nickel.


How to easily install Curved Shower Rods

Follow the step-by-step video below to install curved shower rods in your bathroom. You will need drill and curved shower rod.

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