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Cut Rigid Foam Insulation without dust

Updated on August 13, 2014

Cut Rigid Foam without the Dust

What's the best way to cut rigid foam insulation without the mess and save time while I'm at it? Well, there are a few ways to cut rigid foam without the dust, but I prefer a couple tools that a company in Hayden, ID manufactures. Bullet Tools manufactures the Centerfire blade (for a circular saw or table saw) and the EZ Insulation Blade (for a Utility Knife or Reciprocating saw).

EZ Insulation Knife - Cut on the fly | Cut without power

EZ Insulation Knife
EZ Insulation Knife

Lay the insulation board on a flat surface or on two sawhorses and use the EZ Insulation Knife to make your desired cut. If you need to make a long straight cut, just clamp a 2x4 onto the rigid foam/foam board and this will solve that problem.

Here is a link to see more about the tool or just click the picture above.

Centerfire Blade - Cut Foam Board with a Table saw or Circular saw

Centerfire Blade
Centerfire Blade

If you are cutting foam board or rigid foam insulation that requires more than a few cuts, you may want to consider Bullet Tools new Centerfire Blade. There are a couple options to choose from depending on your preference. If you have a table saw onsite, then the 10 inch Centerfire Blade is what you want. I prefer the 7.25 inch Centerfire circular blade, because of speed and portability.

For more information on these two blades check out or click the image above.

Centerfire Blade in action - Check out the Centerfire Blade Advertisement

Thought this might help if you are like me and want to see it work before trying this new tool. Nice thing is that Bullet Tools has warranties on most of their products to make sure satisfaction is guaranteed.

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