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Danze Faucet - Information about Danze Faucets

Updated on February 8, 2011

Danze Faucet Information

Danze Faucet information: an overview

Danze Faucets are a blend of high quality construction and great affordable prices.  When compared with other comparable products on the market place, Danze faucets are consistantly priced lower, yet perform better!  Danze offers a wide range of great products. Once you select a Danze faucet, you will need to look no farther for all your plumbing fixture needs. Danze Kitchen faucets are great for enhancing an existing Kitchen sink or for new construction. They offer many unique Kitchen sink accessories to match each Danze faucet. If your looking for a Danze bathroom faucet, you will be happy to know they have all the bathroom accessories necessary to match your bathroom sink faucet. Danze bathroom accessories include towel bars, towel rings, paper holders, robe hooks, sink drains, and everything else you may need to ensure a cohesive look for your whole bathroom. Danze offers Shower faucets and Roman tub filler faucets to match their bathroom faucets as well, so if you are looking for a complete suite of products, consider purchasing a Danze faucet today!

I worked previously for a plumbing wholesale distribution company, and I have personally dealt with thousands of happy Danze faucet customers. I had customers purchase anything from one Kitchen faucet or bathroom faucet, to customers purchasing a whole collection of Danze Faucets to outfit their entire home. I have heard first hand Danze faucet reviews, but also, my experience has given me a point of reference about how a Danze faucet compares with its comparable competitors. Danze faucets are great products, and this page will give you some useful information about why a Danze faucet may be right for you!

Danze Faucet Parma Kitchen Faucet

Danze parma electronic Kitchen faucet
Danze parma electronic Kitchen faucet | Source

Purchase the Danze Parma Electronic Kitchen Faucet

Purchase the Item shown above!

List Price: $878.00 - AMAZON PRICE: $408.00!!

You Save:$478.00 Danze D423058SS Parma Dual Function Kitchen Faucet with Single Handle and Matching Side Spray, Stainless Steel

Danze Faucet Warranty information

Warranty information for a Danze Faucet

Danze faucets are all protected by a "manufacturer's limited 'lifetime' warranty for manufacturing defects"  From experience, I know that Danze truly does honor this warranty.  They have a 7-day-a-week tech support and parts replacement phone number.  If you purchase a Danze faucet, you will be able to call them up directly and talk to a real person.

If you are installing your faucet yourself you can call their tech support phone number and ask for help.  Many customers reported that the phone number was VERY useful and that the customer service representatives were extremely helpful.

The Danze Faucet Parts Replacement program is really the best part about buying a Danze faucet.  What good is a lifetime warranty if they can't even help you get a little defective washer?  Just because a company offers to replace a faucet should it have a manufacturing defect, does not mean the replacement cost to you is free.  

Danze will pay for you to send your faucet back, and to ship you a new one, however what about the cost for a plumber to uninstall the faucet?  And the cost again for it to be reinstalled.  If you can install a faucet yourself, it will still take time and you will be without a faucet for several days.  

This is where Danze faucet parts replacement comes in.  If the problem is simply a bad cartridge, or a defective washer (as it often times is especially in the case of a leaky faucet), Danze will immediately send you the very simple to change part.

I have personally seen this program in action and can tell you it is very effective and solves 95% of problems almost immediately.

Over the course of dealing with Danze faucets however, I have to say, the number of customers who needed this sort of help, was far outweighed by the happy, problem-free customers.  We sold millions of dollars of Danze products and they beat out every other brand we carried in terms of having the least problems per hundred.  It's just good to know the warranty is there in case.

Danze faucet construction and quality

Danze faucets are made to last!

On their website, Danze states: "Our products are beautiful inside and out. From our rich, lustrous finishes to our ceramic disc valves with a Drip-free guarantee to our solid brass waterways. We pay attention to every last detail as if it were the first."

Danze faucets are constructed from heavy, solid brass, and could double in function as weights in a gym! Literally! They are very heavy and you can feel the quality when you hold one in your hand.  Solid brass water-ways are important, as they are the most durable.  Other less expensive products sometimes use plastic waterways, or cheaper metals, which can corrode over time.  There is also a risk if you install a faucet without solid brass water-ways that it will one day burst, causing flooding, and who knows how many thousands of dollars in damages to your home.

All their products are professionally finished. This is also where my experience comes into play. NO manufacturer's guarantee a finish. This is because decorative finishes on a kitchen faucet or a bathroom faucet are often damaged by people using harsh chemical cleansers on their faucets. This is of course NOT recommended. In a comparison between other brands, we received less complaints about Danze faucet finishes wearing off. We looked at data over a 5 year period and found we received the least complaints about Danze, and that if there was a complaint, even though they don't specifically cover that under the warranty, the Danze parts replacement service would often help anyways. For example, if the finish was coming off just on the spout of the faucet, Danze would often send a new spout as a part replacement.

Danze offers many decorative and amazing finish. Lots of Danze faucets are available in chrome, stainless steel/brushed nickel, polished brass, antique copper, oil rubbed bronze, satin black - and sometimes various other finishes. These finishes are all professionally sealed so as never to change or wear off. Many less expensive brands (and even some more expensive brands) do not utilize the high quality finishing techniques employed on a Danze faucet.

Danze faucets all have ceramic disc cartridges

Danze faucet question: what does a ceramic disc cartridge mean?

A cartridge is a part of the faucet which sits underneath the handle.  It is actually the manual valve which is closed and opened when you turn the faucet handle.  Not so long ago, only the most luxurious brands had ceramic cartridges.  Now, manufacturing costs have come down so you can have this same luxury in a Danze faucet TODAY!

So why does the cartridge matter?  For one, a ceramic disc cartridge makes it VERY easy to turn the handles.  It literally takes just your pinky finger to turn the water of a Danze faucet on or off.  Other style cartridges may require you to crank the handle with extreme force just to get the water to shut off.  A ceramic cartridge also allows you to effortless shut-off the water and prevents your Danze faucet from dripping/leaking.  This can save you hundreds of dollars on your water bill over the life of a faucet.

Danze faucets: Certifications

Danze faucets comply with low lead standards in California and Vermont, which are two of the toughest states in terms of this type of legislation.  Even if you live outside these places, you will be glad to know there will be no lead in the water next time you go to your Danze kitchen faucet and fill up a glass or a pot.

Danze faucets are also compliant with CSA Canadian standards, which are set higher than those in the US.  This is just another clue about the standard Danze imposes on their faucets quality.

A Danze Faucet is ALL about Style and Fun!

Danze faucets come in a wide variety of styles, suitable for any type of decor. Whether you are going for a traditional Victorian look or an ultra modern style, Danze has a collection for you. And when I say they have a collection, I mean a COMPLETE collection. Danze faucets are easy to match with kitchen and bathroom accessories which will compliment the overall look. Some popular collections from Danze are shown below. Remember, many finish options are available for each product you see, so CLICK A PRODUCT to view it in other colors on Amazon!

Danze Faucets: Opulence Collection

Danze Opulence Collection: "We wouldn't have called these faucets the Opulence Collection unless we felt they had the wealth of elegant, old-world details to justify such a lofty name"

Click the links to check out the items below - I think you will agree with this statement. Better yet, order one and see it in person! I think you will find it even more impressive than the picture.

Check out all the Danze Faucets in the Opulence collection

Danze Faucets: Parma Collection

Danze Parma faucet collection: "An elegant intersection of cylindrical shapes, Parma is clearly for the aesthetically adventurous.  It offers an exciting range of designs, from our minimalist Single Handle Lavatory models to Wall Mount options.  All promise to elevate the look of everything in your bathroom."

Click the links below to see bigger pictures of this great collection!  Danze Parma may be their most popular collection - ORDER one today and see why!

Danze Faucet additional Collections

Danze offers 20 different collections.  Some have both Kitchen faucet and bathroom faucet options, some only offer one or the other.  Here are some popular items representative of other collections.  As you can tell, the scope of their design options is HUGE.  Click one of the links and start looking at all the matching products available.  You are sure to find something to fit your needs.

Danze faucet information Summary

Danze faucets are a great investment in your Home

A Danze faucet can add new life to your Home. Whether you are remodeling, building a new home, or just want to give your kitchen or bathroom a new look, consider purchasing a Danze faucet. Danze kitchen faucets are great for an updated kitchen look. There is a complete line of Kitchen sink accessories which can really take the whole design and functionality of your Kitchen to a new level. Danze bathroom faucets and Danze shower faucets can do the same for your bathroom. Danze offers a complete line of bathroom accessories to match your NEW Danze faucet. Make sure to check out the full Danze collection of products and imagine what your home could be like. Danze faucets are durable, high quality, with lifetime warranties and parts replacement. They are compliant with all necessary building codes. A Danze faucet can be a step in the right direction from making just a house, into a DREAM HOME!

Please COMMENT with any questions you have about Danze faucets. Please Tweet this page, Like it, rate it etc. I would really appreciate the feedback!


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      nekolina 4 years ago

      "Danze will pay for you to send your faucet back, and to ship you a new one" - Danze will charge the shipping and handling for their warranty replacement parts. For a spray head, it's about $8.