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Day Clocks - The Perfect Christmas Gift For A Senior Citizen

Updated on December 28, 2013

I first discovered day clocks when I was caring for my elderly mother, Gertie. Mom lived with me for the 5 years after my Dad's death until her own death on February 15, 2012; there were days on end when neither Mom nor I knew what day of the week it was! After I gave up my job to stay home with Mom, it was even more difficult for me to keep track of the day of the week, and that's when I realized how wonderful having a day clock on the wall could be.

As a caregiver, it's very necessary to find ways to track appointments, doctor visits, or even when to give some medications. I tried using a large format calendar on the wall, and that worked fine for a while - that is, as long as I remembered, in my exhaustion, to cross off the last day. I tried using my phone to track the days, but that meant I had to know where it was (!) and that wasn't always possible. So, I turned to, grabbed my credit card, and ordered myself the day clock you see there to the right. It pretty well saved my life (and my Mom's life!) more than once.

A day clock does pretty much what it sounds like it would do - it shows the day of the week (along with, in some models, the time of the day). Day clocks are the perfect gift for a caregiver, a senior citizen, or a recently retired person who might not easily be able to tell what day of the week it is.

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Day clocks come in a few different styles. I really like the first one below (the contemporary day clock style) although I ordered and own the cherry clock also shown below. I might soon find a reason to own TWO day clocks.....

DayClocks Inc. Classic Mahogany DayClock
DayClocks Inc. Classic Mahogany DayClock

I like this day clock because it's simple. One hand and it just tells you the day!

Contemporary Style Day And Time Oak Clock
Contemporary Style Day And Time Oak Clock

This day clock shows the time of day and the day of the week

DayClocks Inc. Contemporary Silver DayClock
DayClocks Inc. Contemporary Silver DayClock

This day clock is more contemporary in looks.



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