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Daybeds - What is a Daybed and What is it used for?

Updated on January 19, 2011

A Typical Daybed

Typical Daybed
Typical Daybed

Daybed with Trundle

Daybed with Trundle
Daybed with Trundle

What is a Daybed?

I’m sure everyone has heard of a daybed, but what exactly is it.?

At first glance, a daybed looks more like a couch rather than a bed. However, looks can be deceiving. The daybed is actually both. It can be utilized during the day as a couch, and then at night it can be used as a bed.

Daybeds are usually manufactured from wood or metal and consist of three parts, it has two sides (like the arms of a couch), and a back section (for sitting). Traditionally, daybeds use proper twin size mattresses, which make them extremely comfortable. They can be used for just lounging around, or a place to get a good night sleep.

Need for a Larger Bed - Get a Trundle

If you have the need for a larger bed with the convenience of a daybed, you are in luck. Some daybeds have the option to be turned into a king sized bed, well if it comes with a pop-up trundle. A trundle is type of bed that is built on wheels (casters), so that it can be slide underneath the daybed. They can either be designed to pop-up as the same height as the daybed, or as a pull out bed for a guest (great for children’s rooms for sleepovers).

A Great Addition to Any Home!

Daybeds can make a great addition to any home. They are considered to be more comfortable for sleeping than a futon, and only take up the same amount of room as a twin size bed. They are a more permanent fixture to your room and are often utilized by people who want to use an office or den as a spare guest bedroom. It is also great for small apartments, because it is not intrusive and can be used as both a couch and a bed.

Common uses for Daybeds

-They make a great addition to any living room and can be decorated for any occasion with the right daybed bedding or daybed ensembles.

-If you live in a small apartment or a studio, a daybed can be used during the day as a couch for your guests and then at night as a bed. This does not just save space, it also saves money.

-It can be utilized to change a den or office into a guest bedroom when needed.

Common Daybed uses for Children

A daybed with a pop-up trundle can be great for children because it can be utilized as a second bed during a sleep over. Also, if you have multiple children sharing the same room a daybed is perfect. It not only save space, but gives the children more space to play 


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