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Declutter and Organize Your Home

Updated on April 29, 2013

Steps to Declutter & Organize


A dreaded word. One definition of clutter states: a confused or disordered state or collection. And when clutter is in your house, your life, it's also in your mind.

What do I mean by clutter?

Clutter can be anything that's out of order; the daily clutter in our homes, the never ending neglected to do list you can never seem to tackle at home and even at work. And because we let it clutter up, it nags our mind and brings us down.

Studies have shown that we would have 40% less housework if we cleaned up the clutter!

Now isn't that a nice thought!

Image Credit

Out of clutter, find simplicity

From discord, find harmony

In the middle of difficulty,lies opportunity

~Albert Einstein~


How to be Happier

Declutter - One Step at a Time

We all have clutter, that's a given. And whether you realize it or not the way we handle it and try to overcome it makes a big difference in our lives.

Have you ever done anything that you've been putting off? It could be cleaning the garage, organizing your closet?

Remember that feeling of exhilaration when you started that job you were putting off again and again and it was finally done? How great you felt? And you think to yourself, "why didn't I do this sooner?"

The longer the clutter sits and nags on your mind, the more difficult it becomes to start. Then the guilt kicks in. Not a good place to be!

But taken one big job at a time or three little ones you can feel accomplished and on the road to a clutter free life!

And happier...yes! happier!

Image Credit

Single Golf Organizer - What Man Wouldn't Love One of These??

ProActive Single Golf Organizer
ProActive Single Golf Organizer

Perfect for the golfer in the house. No more tripping over the golf bag in the garage as you're trying to put out the garbage.

I love this as a gift for that special guy in your life whether it's your Dad, your boyfriend or your husband!

He loves it because everything's in one spot where he can find it and it's protected. She loves it because she's not tripping over it.

Verdict: A happy man and a happy woman!!


Baskets, Baskets and More Baskets - The Perfect Solution to DeClutter and Organize


You can't go wrong with baskets for organizing bills, magazines, books, newspapers and the list goes in. I even use them in my food cupboards for keeping packages of instant sauces in.

Invest in some decorative ones that coordinate with your decor. You'll always make good use of them!

Image Credit

Start your decluttering with these great organizers !

Organize It All Over-The-Door 18 Pair Hanging Wire Shoe Rack
Organize It All Over-The-Door 18 Pair Hanging Wire Shoe Rack

There's nothing worse than a pile of shoes on a closet floor, especially when you're in a rush to get out the door and you can't find one shoe! Can you tell this has happened to me? This over the door shoe rack solves that problem & doesn't take up space!

Organize It All Tetron Wardrobe Center
Organize It All Tetron Wardrobe Center

Short of space? This wardrobe organizer is perfect for storing clothing and wardrobe items from one season to another.

Organize It All Christmas Ornament Storage Box with Dividers (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Organize It All Christmas Ornament Storage Box with Dividers (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Perfect ornament box with adjustable dividers great for those odd-shaped ornaments.

Suncast Ceiling Storage
Suncast Ceiling Storage

I don't have a garage anymore but I wish I had these instead of the expensive "loft" we had to build for storage when I did have one. This would have been much easier & a lot less expensive!


Decluttering Your Closet

How to Get it Looking Like This

For women it's our closets. Let's just say that for most of us, they DON'T look like this picture!

I myself am guilty of this. A couple of weekends ago, I decided to clean out the clutter in my life starting with the closet.

Everything was taken out of the closet, thrown on the bed and then began the daunting task and endless questions. When was the last time I wore this? Is this even in style anymore? Why are the price tags still on this? You can chuckle, because we've all been there.

Most of us know that when we have a perfect piece of clothing that's out of style its hard to toss it away. I'm not saying do that. By all means, keep it. But get yourself a couple of Rubbermaid containers, put those "out of style" items in it and then check it every year to see if anything comes back in style.

Why clutter your closet with items you don't wear? And if you still haven't worn anything out of that Rubbermaid container within two to three years toss it! (And I'm being kind. Most closet organizers would tell you one year!)

I'm pleased to say that I took five (yes five) garbage bags of clothes out of the closet! I can finally see what I own and someone, somewhere is going to love these clothes (which is great thing also!)

As in this picture, there are so many wonderful gadgets we can add to our closets to help us stay organized. There's really no excuse is there?

Image Credit

Jewelry Organizer - How simple is this!!


A fantastic idea to keep your jewelry organized, separate and tangle free and so inexpensive to do it! The example above is just done with shower hooks on a decorative curtain rod.

You can do this inside a closet door or for the eclectic look, mounted on a bedroom wall or in a walk-in closet.

Image Credit

Little Black Corset Jewelry Organizer

Umbra Little Black Corset Jewelry Organizer
Umbra Little Black Corset Jewelry Organizer

I got one of these for Christmas and I can't believe how great it is!! It holds at least 30 pairs of earrings or a combination of earrings and rings in their own see-through pocket!

Your necklaces will never get tangled again. Each is hung on its own velcro tab on the back of the corset and they're easy to see and easy to get.

It can be hung on the inside of a bathroom or closet door and really does look pretty enough that you could hang it on the outside also!

Great value for the $$$$ !!


Decluttering the Garage

An Organized Garage = A Happy Man (and Woman)

Don't ever let anyone tell you men do not clutter. For men do clutter and it could be anything from what's in their garage to the state of their car.

Nothing irritates a woman more than to ask for some help with something and he can't find the tools to do it. And nothing upsets a man more to look like a fool in front of a woman. Clutter will do both.

I have one friend who has five garden hoses. Yes, five! Why in the world would you need five garden hoses? None of them are any better than the first one. My suggestion to him would be to try them all out, see which one is in the better shape and keep a spare and give away the rest. Its nice to have an extra but you don't need to have four extras!

Rubbermaid containers are, I think, the greatest invention since sliced bread. They come in all different sizes, in all different colors, stack up great and anything put inside is protected by the elements. They are a clutter bugs best friend.

There's a sense of incredible satisfaction when you complete, little by little, these often invisible but neglected tasks.

What's even better? You can actually find something when you're looking for it!

Image Credit

Think Vertical Storage - Vertical Storage Gives You More Space

Easy enough to do even if you're not Handy Man or Woman of the Year. This vertical storage example is done with PVC pipe cut and nailed to a piece of plywood. Or if you're not the do-it-yourself kind, there are many organizers made specifically for garden tools that you can buy.

Image Credit


The Declutter Plan

Make a list. Look around your rooms. What's gnawing at you as you look around? I know with me it's always paper. Things I've collected, saved, need to read. Haven't gotten around to it yet. I literally have to force myself to go through this once a week. It does not come natural to me.

Be prepared to sit down for up to a half hour and list EVERYTHING. Every little thing that you KNOW you should do but keep putting off. And then resolve to get through that list one by one. You can't expect to do it in a day. Set a realistic goal for however long it might take. Three months, six months or even a year down the road to scratch those tasks off your list. The trick is to make it do-able, one thing at a time and JUST DO IT.

Image Credit

The Perfect Solution for Wrapping Paper Rolls

Another great idea for keeping gift wrap organized and in good shape. The example here shows a shelf mounted sideways in a closet to keep the rolls in. The same idea can be accomplished by using a couple of cheap tension curtain rods.

Image Credit

Ready, Set, Go ! - The Action Plan to Declutter & Get Organized

  • Invest in some large and small zippered "Glad" bags. They have wonderful zippered ones now in all different sizes and keep the contents dust free and dry.

    Every time you buy a new toy (ie. Phone, Computer, TV, MP3 Player) put the instruction book/warranty and extras that come with it into the bag. Everything in one place. Easy to find when you need it it.

  • Baggies are also a great idea for small tools you might use on a regular basis. Its easier to find a bag with the essentials: a screwdriver, a small hammer, nails etc than searching through a tool box.
  • Ask a Mother what she uses her baggies for and you might be listening for a half hour! Baggies are a must for organizing busy kids. Use them for small toys, Pokemon cards, snacks, crayons, Barbie doll accessories etc.

Baggies for Storage

Baggies are fantastic organizers because you can see what's in them. So if you've got a pile of nails in a junk drawer that you're always trying to find, taking the time to put them all in a baggy will make it a lot easier to find the next time you're looking for a nail.

Image Credit

More Declutter Tips

  • Focus on your "dump zone". This could be anywhere in your home where you tend to dump newspapers, old bills, flyers, magazines and even clothes. Dump zones attract more dumping. Take ten minutes every night (it's only 10 minutes!!) to walk through your house picking up. Have a spot for the papers you want to keep and toss the rest. Doing it on a daily or second day basis makes a huge difference!
  • If you're a parent you know how many papers you get from your child's school reminding you of pizza days, parent-teach interviews etc. Most of us stick these on our fridges with magnets but it's a pain. Magnets get old and fall off and you spend your time picking up papers. A better solution: Buy yourself a couple of small corkboards and attach them to the inside of one of your dish cupboards. Out of sight, but notout of mind.
  • If you're a garage sale junkie, stay away from them! A bargain is NOT a bargain if you bring something home that you've bought and really have no need for or you have nowhere to put it! If you must go to garage sales, go when you need something and not to "pass the time" on a Saturday!

Ceiling Storage - Think Vertically

How great is this! Everything in containers and stored up and out of the way on the ceiling of your garage. You can get step-by-step instructions on how to do this yourself by clicking on link below.

Image Credit

Bulldog Hardware Peg System CHECK PRICE

Galvanized Steel Peg System CHECK PRICE

51 Pc. Pegboard Hooks CHECK PRICE

Mesh Baskets for PegBoard CHECK PRICE

Metal Golf Bag OrganizerCHECK PRICE

Tool Tower Rack CHECK PRICE


A Little Bit of Clutter Is A Good Thing

Don't get me wrong. I do think a bit of clutter is a good thing.

As an Interior Designer/Decorator it scares me to walk into a clients' house that is stark, clean and well, cold. Because without a bit of clutter from every day life and the children, pets and people living in the home, there's no warmth or character to the home. It does appear cold. And when everything is out of sight it often does becomes out of mind. So I'm not saying live clutter free.

What I AM saying is don't let it get out of control. Because once it does, other areas in your life tend to follow and it weighs you down until you feel like you have no control. And that's NOT a good thing!

So when you get home today and see that mess of papers on your desk ? Pick them up and go through them while you're watching your favorite television show!

As for me? I'm going to take the dog for a walk to the blue-box. There's a pile of newspapers outside of my door that looks like I'm on holidays !

Happy Decluttering!!

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There are two trains of thought on clutter. "A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind" or "An empty desk is an empty mind". Which one do you believe? And why?

What are your thoughts on clutter - good? or bad?

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    • LauraHofman profile image

      Laura Hofman 

      5 years ago from Naperville, IL

      Clutter gives me a headache and it's a constant battle at my house. Great organizing tips here...thank you!

    • Sugarshack LM profile imageAUTHOR

      Sugarshack LM 

      5 years ago

      @mommateaches: It sneaks up on you...clutter that is. On second does chocolate :) Thanks for visiting!!

    • Sugarshack LM profile imageAUTHOR

      Sugarshack LM 

      5 years ago

      @blue22d: Thanks!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Thanks for the great tips! Clutter is one of my biggest weaknesses, second only to chocolate!

    • blue22d profile image


      5 years ago

      Very nice lens and lots of great storage ideas.

    • Sugarshack LM profile imageAUTHOR

      Sugarshack LM 

      5 years ago

      @geosum: I'm guilty of the same's a bi-monthly job for me :)

    • geosum profile image


      5 years ago

      Good lens. Cluttered Desk... I can use some of the ideas.

    • Sugarshack LM profile imageAUTHOR

      Sugarshack LM 

      5 years ago

      @MelanieMurphyMyer: Creative minds are NEVER tidy. lol. I really wrote this lens for me. My office feels constantly cluttered however I've adopted a few ideas from this lens., like the jewelry idea. I like that one. :) I'm still working on the office.

    • MelanieMurphyMyer profile image


      5 years ago

      My favorite part was "A Little Bit of Clutter Is A Good Thing." :) I really should have less clutter than I do (and am working on it!), but it is pretty cozy. I also have a little plaque in my kitchen that says "Creative minds are seldom tidy." But I will keep working toward being a little more tidy . . . :)


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