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Declutter Your Life with Tips: How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets

Updated on August 23, 2014

A kitchen is one of the central rooms in your home. It is often one of the most used rooms and where family members congregate. The wife may be cooking while the husband unloads the groceries. Since it is such a crucial room, it’s important for the ambience of the kitchen to be one of peace, harmony, and unity.

Since the kitchen is such an important room, it’s crucial for it to be organized and uncluttered. Everything in your kitchen needs to have a home – a place of belonging. Having items properly placed in kitchen cabinets ensures they will be used for their intended purpose. Decluttering is crucial for harmony.

This article will go over why it is important to have a de-cluttered home, how to make a difference in your kitchen cabinets with baby steps, the best methods for spring cleaning your kitchen cabinets, the three ways to purge your unneeded belongings, a cleaning list for your kitchen cabinets, and killer decluttering tips that will blow you away.

Make it a priority to make time for cleaning your kitchen cabinets. You will be glad you did.
Make it a priority to make time for cleaning your kitchen cabinets. You will be glad you did. | Source

Why is it Important to Have an Organized Home?

Having a clean and decluttered home actually can reap you with health benefits along with something to show off to any guests you may have. Check out some of the fascinating ways that a de-cluttered home can help you.

  • Benefits of a Decluttered House
  • Reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s disease
  • Reduce excess weight by burning calories
  • Improve concentration and promote the organization of your life
  • Provide you with an outlet for your anger
  • Reduce anxiety and stress levels
  • Improve or avoid allergy problems

So, does cleaning REALLY help with these health benefits? It’s true. Neurology journal revealed that simple physical activity like doing the dishes can reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Also, did you know that an article in the British Journal of Sports Medicine stated that twenty minutes of activity, such as housework, cuts anxiety and stress as much as 20%.

By removing dust mites from your home, you can improve or avoid allergies and hay fever. It is worth the effort of cleaning your home inside and out. Another health benefit of cleaning, de-cluttering, and organizing your home is improved concentration and prioritization. Without messes throughout your home, you can easily concentrate on specific tasks. Also, by prioritizing properly you can accomplish more in a shorter amount of time.

Finally, cleaning and decluttering your house is a very productive and effective means to release your anger, frustration, and rage. If you have a heated argument with your spouse or partner or are frustrated with your children, there is no better way than to let it out with a vacuum or feather duster.

How Can You Make a Difference in This Endeavor?

Trying to declutter the entire kitchen in one endeavor would be an overwhelming task. It is important to budget your time wisely and only tackle one section of the kitchen at a time, such as the kitchen cabinets.

When purchasing items to use as storage for your kitchen cabinets, it is important that you select ones that are right for your kitchen and the way you in particular use it. You can also come up with your own homemade solutions, which may solve your challenges in less expensive, more innovative ways.

Every item in the kitchen should be stored near where it will be used the most – a place that makes sense. This makes kitchen work efficient, which also makes for a more pleasant cooking and cleaning experience.

Glass cabinets make finding dishes easy for guests who help out in the kitchen. If your cabinets are neatly organized and your kitchen is decluttered, the attractiveness of your cabinets will be apparent. Shelves that are open can support beautiful baskets keeping fruits, vegetables, and bread products in plain sight and on hand for cooking. However, keep in mind that anything not enclosed in a cabinet will need ongoing dusting and cleaning.

Having a variety of different sized cabinets ensures that a variety of supplies and appliances can be stored with efficiency. If you are custom building your home, this is something to consider.

Cleaning Methods you should use include these 4 methods.
Cleaning Methods you should use include these 4 methods. | Source

Steel Pegboard Pack (32” X 32”)

Wall Control 30-P-3232GV Galvanized Steel Pegboard Pack
Wall Control 30-P-3232GV Galvanized Steel Pegboard Pack

Attach magnetic tins and containers to hold spices or small junk drawer items like rubber hands, safety pins, notepads, pens, and scissors. This durable, versatile 20-gauge galvanized steel construction is ten times stronger than a traditional pegboard.


The Four Methods for Spring Cleaning

Method One: Remove Your Belongings from the Area

The first part of spring cleaning is to remove all of your belongings from a kitchen cabinet. Did you notice I used the article “a” instead of “the” kitchen cabinet(s)? Only do one kitchen cabinet at a time! You may get overwhelmed if you decide to tackle all 20 cabinets at once.

Method Two: Organize the Contents from the Kitchen Cabinet

I am hoping you took my advice on the last paragraph and are working on just on ONE cabinet at a time. Now that you have emptied the contents of said cabinet, it is time to organize the contents of your kitchen cabinet. If you have a pile of potholders along with dishtowels, separate them. Put the potholders in a cute little basket, and put the dishcloths in a separate cute little basket. This way your cabinet is well organized, and you can easily reach your potholders versus your dishtowels.

Method Three: Clean the Kitchen Cabinet

Wipe down the walls of the kitchen cabinet. Clean the bottom of the cabinet with a dust buster or small brush. Use a kitchen cleaner spray or a window cleaning spray to disinfect and clean the area. If there are spots, scrub the area a bit until you get the stains out. Then, wipe it out thoroughly.

Method Four: Return the Contents to the Kitchen Cabinet

Now that your belongings are organized and hopefully weeded out a bit, it is time for you to organize your stuff back into your kitchen cabinet. Be sure to put your kitchen items where they will be most useful. For example, crystal items or flower vases are useful in that super high cabinet that is above the refrigerator because you can’t reach it without a stool. Now, how often do you use those things? For small appliances that you use often, consider putting them behind small, hinged shutters or doors at the bottom of kitchen counter cabinets.

3 Ways to Purge

The three best ways to purge are to sell, donate, or trash. Use three baskets, bags, or containers to sort.
The three best ways to purge are to sell, donate, or trash. Use three baskets, bags, or containers to sort. | Source

Pot Rack Cookware Organizer

NC-00260 Cook N Home Pot Rack Cookware Organizer
NC-00260 Cook N Home Pot Rack Cookware Organizer

This free standing organizer is 19” tall and 13” deep. This needs no tools and is ready to use. It holds 11 pieces of cookware – 4 pans, 4 lids storage on shelves, and 3 piece hanging hooks area. It is sturdy and durable in its construction.


The Three Ways to Purge Your Belongings (Declutter)

When working through your belongings, there are many ways to become more of a minimalist than a pack rat. Being a minimalist is less stressful than being a pack rat. After all, if you can’t find your keys when you are in a hurry, it’s no wonder you don’t pull your hair out, so make decluttering a priority today!

The three best ways to purge and de-clutter are to sell, trash, or donate. Consider selling your unwanted belongings in a garage sale. Trash anything that is of no value to anyone. Donate belongings that are difficult to sell, but would be worth something to someone less fortunate.

Consider using cute little baskets to organize your belongings.
Consider using cute little baskets to organize your belongings. | Source

A Cleaning and Organizing List for Kitchen Cabinets

Since cleaning out your kitchen cabinets is more of a yearly chore, it is considered to be spring cleaning. When you are motivated enough to do this particular chore, consider using the following cleaning and decluttering checklist.

If you feel that this task is too difficult for you to do at once, consider playing a cleaning game in order to get it done in a fun and easy manner. One of the cleaning games will definitely get you on your feet and help you declutter in a timely manner.

Spring Cleaning List for Kitchen Cabinets

Empty the contents of the kitchen cabinets
Wipe down kitchen cabinets
Disinfect the kitchen cabinets
Organize the belongings in the kitchen cabinets
Sell, donate, or trash any items you do not use - Declutter
Replace the contents in an organized and efficient way

Top Notch Tips, Secrets, and Suggestions

Here are my 007 secret weapon suggestions for special tips on cleaning, de-cluttering and organizing your kitchen, so enjoy them, and use the ones that make the most sense and are the most applicable to you.


Chef’s Edition Spice Bottle Organizer

YouCopia Chef's Edition 30-bottle SpiceStack Spice Rack Organizer, White (Discontinued by the Manufacturer)
YouCopia Chef's Edition 30-bottle SpiceStack Spice Rack Organizer, White (Discontinued by the Manufacturer)

This organizer stores and organizes 30 full size spices or 60 half size spice bottles. The three drawers pull out and lower to display spices in full view for easy location and reach. The compact unit saves valuable cabinet space. It includes 96 removable drawer labels for custom organization. It fits in wide cabinets. It is ideal for cooks with large spice collections.

  • Create extra space under the kitchen sink by hanging spray bottles from a tension rod mounted inside the cabinet. Put sponges, scrubbers, and drain stoppers in a wire basket installed on the cabinet door.
  • Consider lining a cabinet door with contact paper. Then attach hooks, clips, and a wooden board. On the wooden board, glue wooden clothes pins. Use the hooks for keys; use the clips for invitations, business cards, and pictures; use the clothes pins for mail (incoming and outgoing), take out menus, and shopping lists.
  • Use cute brown baskets with cream liners for things such as napkins or straws. Attach cute homemade labels to the baskets describing what is inside of them.
  • Consider using a wire hanging rack for the inside of the cabinet that is under the sink. Buy one with storage on top for soap, scrub brushes, and scouring pads. Use the bottom wire storage rack for dishwashing soap and hand soap.
  • If you have a kitchen with a pull-out trash can, but do not use it for trash, consider using it for your pet’s food storage.
  • Keep your cleaning and organizing supplies in a pocketed apron, and you will find it easier and faster to move around the house and tackle chores quickly.
  • To keep coupons and important numbers accessible, glue cork tiles on the inside of your kitchen cabinets. You can also post reminders and grocery lists in that area in order to stay on top of your daily to-do items. Another alternative is to glue a few wooden clothespins to the inside of your kitchen cabinet doors in order to hold the week’s dinner menus, recipes, and coupons. Putting these important items out of sight makes your kitchen look neat and tidy.
  • For a decorative touch to the area beneath the sink, peel and stick tiles. It looks clean and is easy to wipe down when doing spring cleaning. Talk about a neat look.
  • Attach a magazine rack to the side of a kitchen cabinet to store kitchen wrap, such as foil. This is a great way to store these items and keep them out of sight.
  • Keep frequently used appliances within reach. If you store them away too far, it becomes a chore just to get them out.
  • Mount items under your cabinets, such as hooks for coffee cups. You can buy fold-down racks that will hold spices, knives, and cookbooks. You can also get drawers and appliances designed to be installed under cabinets.
  • To put pots and pans where you really need them, install pullout shelves or rollout bins in the cabinet next to your stove or under your built-in cook top.
  • A vertical rollout with pegboard is a convenient way to store pots and pans and to take advantage of a wasted narrow space.
  • Store baking pans, trays, and platters vertically in that hard-to-reach kitchen cabinet over the refrigerator. Make dividers from plywood, and install them between spacers of the same material on the cabinet’s top and bottom. They are especially good for organizing pan lids.
  • Put the inside of cabinet doors to work. Hang measuring cups and spoons and other utensils from hooks, and store spices and small packages in racks. First make sure they will not interfere with the shelves when you close the door.
  • For a spice rack, add a bookcase to your kitchen. Use it to organize cookbooks and canisters. Convert the top into extra counter space by covering it with waterproof wallpaper. Another helpful addition is a roll-around cart. It provides extra work and storage space that you can wheel from sink to stove to table.
  • To convert a cabinet into a wine cellar, replace the existing shelves with two large plywood pieces, each slotted halfway through and fitted together to form an X.
  • Store your cleaning and organizing materials in a plastic professional cleaning carrying tray. This makes them much easier to take out and put away and to move about. When arranging your cleaning supplies, give first consideration to making large and awkward items, such as vacuums and rolling buckets, easy to reach.

Grayline 6-Piece Cabinet Organizer Set

Grayline 457101 Garden, Green
Grayline 457101 Garden, Green

This organizer has the 6 most popular kit organizers – 3 helper shelves, 1 sorter, 1 spice rack, and 1 wrap rack. It is made of sturdy steel construction. This perfect set is an all-in-one kitchen organization bundle.



Now you know why it is important to have a decluttered home, how to organize your kitchen cabinets, and the four methods for spring cleaning that area. The four methods for having de-cluttered kitchen cabinets include eliminating what is in the way, organizing what was in the kitchen cabinets and decluttering, cleaning the area, and finally, putting everything back.

This article also showed you three ways to purge and declutter your home in this area – sell, trash, or donate. A cleaning list was provided for kitchen cabinets along with numerous organization tips to make you superwoman when it comes to cleaning, decluttering, and organizing kitchen cabinets.

Fundamentally changing bad organization habits in the kitchen and truly banishing clutter there may require some effort. You may have to change long-standing habits. Just be open to the changes you make in your kitchen, and keep your eye on your goal – permanently decluttered kitchen cabinets.

Easy and Inexpensive Tips to Organize Your Kitchen


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This is an awesome store that is throughout the United States. It specializes in organization and cleaning supplies.


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  • misslong123 profile imageAUTHOR

    Michele Kelsey 

    4 years ago from Edmond, Oklahoma

    I have learned to be very creative in moving into a smaller kitchen, so I'm learning how to organize better.

  • lucille12 profile image


    4 years ago

    It also enhances the sophisticated look of the kitchen.

  • misslong123 profile imageAUTHOR

    Michele Kelsey 

    4 years ago from Edmond, Oklahoma

    Yes. There are so many products that help in the kitchen. As I come across new and improved products, tips, and ideas, I will do my best to keep this site up to date.

  • MopHolder profile image


    4 years ago

    Kitchen organizers can be anything from drawers, storage containers and most importantly cabinet organizers.

  • misslong123 profile imageAUTHOR

    Michele Kelsey 

    5 years ago from Edmond, Oklahoma

    Thank you. I have a passion for organizing and love to share what I know with others. I think it is important for everything to have a home if you want to keep a clean and tidy home. I'm glad you found this useful. You have motivated me to start working on another though I do take my time with hubs to ensure I get all the details in there that I was hoping to get. Let me know how your cabinets work out. I think my next one will be on kitchen drawers. :) Michele

  • prairieprincess profile image

    Sharilee Swaity 

    5 years ago from Canada

    Michele, love it! This article came at a great time because I am getting ready to do a major organizing/cleaning job this summer, after my job finishes. We moved into a new place a few months ago, but have been too busy to get it finished up. So, starting in July, I will be organizing like crazy!

    Thanks for some great tips. I really like the Amazon link you posted of that organizer, too. Knowing that you do organizing videos means I will be visiting more of your hubs! Thanks again. Will be sharing.

  • misslong123 profile imageAUTHOR

    Michele Kelsey 

    5 years ago from Edmond, Oklahoma

    I completely understand that. I often have been too ill to keep up my home in the way that I want it to be. I wish I could be as organized as I was ten years ago, but sometimes you have to settle for the little compromises and ask for help from those you love. My husband helps with the cleaning, and I am often the organizer of the house. It's a great combination. :) Michele

  • WiccanSage profile image

    Mackenzie Sage Wright 

    5 years ago

    Great hub and excellent advice. I can't stand clutter and disorganization, but since I can't clean as much as I used due to an illness to I'm having to rely on hubby & kids to do it so keeping things as organized and simple as possible is crucial or they just end up playing keep up with the clutter and nothing truly gets done.


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