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Decorate Your Kitchen for Spring!

Updated on August 19, 2014

Spring Accessories Brighten Your Kitchen!

I don't know about you, but I have had enough of winter. Gray days, bone-chilling winds, dripping boots, dirty road snow.......UGH! I am ready for spring, and the way I welcome spring is to decorate! The kitchen is favorite place to decorate for the seasons because I spend so much time there.

Hang a pretty wreath on the wall, toss up some pretty flowered curtains, install a spring themed border, there are so many easy ways to bring spring into your kitchen. I always hang a pretty suncatcher in the window, to remind me that sunny days are coming. I also like to put a pretty silk flower arrangement on the kitchen table as well as a cute floral runner or table cloth. Try it and you will see! it only takes a few pieces to change your kitchen decor and your mood!

Image from for an item sold on this page

Adorable Matched Set - Apron, Towels and Oven Mitts

This set got great reviews on Amazon for wearing well and never fading!

Spring Kitchen Curtains - Bright and Colorful

The first curtains were made out of animal hide, aren't you glad they aren't any more? These curtains are cheery additions to any kitchen, and they are easy to put up, and washable.

Give Your Kitchen a Sunflower Motif - Sunny and Bright

Sunflowers are pretty and fun to grow. Plant some in your back yard and watch them get taller and taller. Sunflowers have been grown in the United States for 5000 years, and have been grown in Mexico even longer!

Spring Wallpaper Borders - Brighten the Whole Room!

I love borders! They are such a simple way to change the look of a room and to add some pizzazz and color. Borders can be put around the top of a room, around the bottom, just above the baseboard or in the middle of the room at chair-rail height. I did something a bit different in my kitchen and I put the borders around my door and window facings. It looks really cute!

Beautiful Floral Swags - Great for Door or Wall

My favorite place to hang swags are over doorways. If the swags are vertical, I like to hang them on narrow wall spots like in between a door and a window. I also like to hang vertical swags on my back door. It looks so pretty when you are out in the yard!

How to Install Wall Decals - Large or Small

More Delightful Wall Decals for Spring - Give Your Kitchen New Life!

ROOMMATES RMK1555GM Spring Blossom Peel & Stick Giant Wall Decal
ROOMMATES RMK1555GM Spring Blossom Peel & Stick Giant Wall Decal

This tree comes in pieces so you can build it whatever shape you want!


Beautiful Wall Decor for Spring - Butterflies!

Fun Kitchen Poll - We Want Your Opinion!

Do you change the decor in your kitchen for the seasons?

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  • ixodoi profile image

    ixodoi 4 years ago

    I really like your pictures and products. Sure add a "spring spirit" to the kitchen!

  • BLouw profile image

    Barbara Walton 4 years ago from France

    Spring certainly gladdens the heart and these floral designs are so uplifting.

  • CherylsArt profile image

    Cheryl Paton 4 years ago from West Virginia

    I like the flower motifs.

  • michalk lm profile image

    michalk lm 4 years ago

    so much nicer for spring than spring cleaning

  • profile image

    anonymous 4 years ago

    really love the canvas art

  • Frischy profile image

    Frischy 4 years ago from Kentucky, USA

    These are some great ideas for giving the kitchen a spring makeover! I especially love the Lenox accessories! Very pretty!

  • profile image

    Ruthi 4 years ago

    Like you, I cannot wait for Spring! Love the metal art wall decor!