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Fast and Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Child's Bathroom

Updated on April 22, 2011

Decorating is a daunting task alone, and trying to do it on a budget makes it even harder. Manufacturer’s products geared toward children are always a little steep since they are relying on the “Mommy please!!” guilt factor to get parents to dish out the big bucks. But there are inexpensive ways to re-decorate a child’s bathroom (and usually can be accomplished quickly). Allow your child to participate in the decorating as much as possible – they will appreciate their bathroom more knowing that they helped create it.

Paint: Color Color Color! Children love color and since most children’s bathrooms aren’t that large – a bucket of paint smaller than a gallon will be sufficient enough (money saved). Depending on the strength of the paint and amount of ventilation provided – little ones can join in on the painting fun.

Decorate the forgotten: When decorating the bathroom, usually the walls, mirror, and cabinetry are decorated. The toilet, bath tub, and floors are usually overlooked. Bring attention to the forgotten by adding some animal track stickers that make a trail on the floor from the bathroom entrance to the side of the bath tub and to the toilet cover. Using alphabet stickers, stick a different letter in random squares of the floor tiles, spell ‘Bathtub’ or ‘It’s cleaning time’ on the side of the bath tub (oversized letters of course), and ‘Flush Away’ on top of the toilet’s water tank. Encourage your child to participate by asking where she or he would like the trail to begin or end and what phrases they would like spelled out.

Solid color decisions: Pass over the character accessories for solid colored accessories. As every parent knows, a red cup with the face of a Disney character can cost almost three times more than a solid red cup. Pick key items to create your theme (character on a shower curtain or an oversized decal), and choose solid colored accessories (toothbrush holders, towels, etc.) to accent the bathroom.  Promote child participation by having your child select which accessories should be a certain color (staying within the color scheme of the bathroom).

Oversized Decals: Rather than deal with sticking hundreds of tiny Tinker-bell stickers on the walls which over time seem to loose their appeal, use an oversized decal instead. These decals will always be a hit with your children due to their size (and most come with other small to medium themed sized decals as well). Assemble the large decal yourself (they usual come in 4 – 5 pieces that you will have to puzzle together), and allow your child to handle the placement of the smaller decals.


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    • dablufox profile image


      7 years ago from Australia

      Some great tips for bathroom decorating for kids, especially the use of large feature wall decals.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Yes, excellent way to keep the kids active!


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