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Decorating a Girls Bedroom with Glam Style

Updated on February 18, 2013


This will help you with some super fashionable ideas for a girls bedroom. From a glam chandelier to glittery carpet, I'll show you the hottest ideas. You will be able to turn any bedroom into a glam room!

One wallpapered wall
One wallpapered wall

Walls: The Great Debate

should I use wallpaper...or paint?

The question whether to wallpaper or paint all depends on the style you are going for. The design and color of the wall is easier to match with the bed set rather than matching the bed set to the wall color and design. So the wall should come after you have your basic idea formed and furnishings picked out. You have your bed set, pillows, maybe even an ottoman picked out, so now what? If you want design on the wall but don't want to wallpaper, you can always paint with a solid color than add wall stickers to add the design. If wallpapering sounds good to you then go for it, but if the wallpaper has a heavy design with a lot going on, wallpaper only one or two walls.

Beds: Making it Fun and Fashionable

Which is right?

There are so many bed varieties, which one will be right for you depends on the style of the room. If the room has a country look, you might consider a wooden day bed to complete the look. The bedroom may have a medieval vibe going on, in that case a thick cherry wood bed with drapes hanging from the top would fit perfectly. For a flowery summer room, a white and gold metal bed would match perfectly. Black or chrome / silver is perfect for a contemporary look. Or, if you really want to focus on accents, avoid a bed frame that stands out and check out our awesome decorating ideas below!

Other Fancy Looking Bed Alternatives

Although I think the netting look can make any room look fit for a glam princess, another option is to go with a really fun, bold or girly bed set. TIP: If you're going to go bright and patterned on the bedset, then avoid the netting and instead have the focus be your awesome bed design and compliment it with a cool rug and wall art. Or, opt for the netting look with a SOLID color bed set and matching rug.

Flooring Options

Hard wood, Rugs or Carpet?

There are so many things you can do with the floor, wood, carpet, rugs. The upside to wood is easy clean up, so if you are working on a younger child's room wood would be perfect. But carpet also has benefits, its more of a homey feel. For a glam room, you could glitter the carpet, and I don't mean just sprinkle glitter on the carpet and hope for the best. They sell carpet with glitter in it or there are ways to add it yourself. But, by far the easiest way to jass up a room is to buy a rug that can be changed out with ease!

Add Glitter Carpet or Textiles

This dazzling carpet will add a sparkle to any room. With sparkle fibres this carpet has a glitter effect to create a unique effect.

Create a glamour look in bedrooms or living rooms with this sparkling carpet.

This carpet is hard wearing, and can be fitted in any room in your house.

The pink has a nice shine with the sparkle fibres. The sparkle adds an exciting and fun element to the carpet.

With an 'action' or hessian back, this carpet is hard wearing and can is suitable for any area


Get creative with your light sources! Whether a lamp or a glamorous chandler, there are endless possibilities. I highly recommend going with a PLUG IN chandelier because you don't have to mess with wiring at all! I have ZERO electrical experience and I put up a PLUG IN chandelier in about half an hour (Just drill in one simple hook. The hole is even simple to fill, if you are leasing an apartment)

Wall Peices

Stickers, Mirrors or Art?

The most important touch to a room is the wall pieces, Without them the room can feel a but empty. Whether you choose mirrors, art work, or other pieces you need at least one. Mirrors help expand the room, if it is a smaller room this would be a good option. To personalize the room, add pictures of family, friends, pets, and of course you!

These days you can find REMOVABLE stickers that DO NOT ruin wall paint. I utilize these a lot in our store as well as my home!

Shelving / Storage

Wall Shelves, Dresser or Bookcases?

The advantage to shelves built into the wall is that you free-up floor space. The disadvantage can be age: if your girl is under the age of 7, she may attempt to climb the wall shelves, and even if anchored in properly, they can rip out (*sigh*, I speak from experience!).

To free up space without the use of shelves affixed to the wall, what I suggest is to put a USED bookcase or dresser INTO the closet (providing you have space in your closet to do so). I do this for both of my sons. They still have room to hang their clothing, but the dresser isn't taking up their "play area". If your children are older, you can opt for a long, DESK-HEIGHT dresser that can double as play space! My oldest son has long dresser which he uses the top of to build legos on. Now, not only am I vaccuming up less legos (they get easily hidden in my thick carpet!) but he also has a flat surface for building his "empires". Check Craigslist, local consignment / thrift shops or ebay for cheap, used dressers or bookcases.

Decor: The Final Touches

Vases, Flowers, Candles and More!

The final touches are my fav part of any room decorating! There's never too young of a girl to give her a cute walll shelf with around 3 items on it. For example, if your room is "princess glam", buy a sparkly candle as a ceterpiece (of course this is for design only; do not light a candle in a childs room). Also purchase a princess trinket / small statue (lightweight!) and a stand up pricess photo frame that you can insert a photo she loves into.

You can even purchase adorable girly room decor that is used for less off eBay.

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