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How to decorate a small living space in a smart way.

Updated on February 13, 2015

How to decorate small flats

Decorating a small space is a creative process. If you live in a small flat or apartment it's not always easy to find the right furniture for a small space. I myself lived in Amsterdam for many years in a small flat near the center of the city. A great place to live but a small space to live in...

Just to give you an example; you could not close the toilet door properly if you had long legs. Which most Dutch people have, The house was built before WWII and people were a bit smaller at the time. So...

The small flat in Amsterdam made me do creative things and you start to decorate your small space differently than you would have done when you had lived in a big house on the countryside.

For instance, we had an futon that worked both as a sofa or a bed. A great space safer and a must have if your living room functions as the bedroom.

The image on the left is the front door of the smallest house in Amsterdam. It's just as small as the front door. It's a very famous house in Amsterdam. And the house was build so small because of tax reasons. Luckily our house was a bit wider, but not much.

Holland is one of the most dense populated countries in the world. And space is precious and expensive. So you want to make the best of it and use the space you've got as economically as possible.

Collapsible fruit basket for a small kitchen

decorating a small kitchen

Walking on the market the other day, I bumped into a a stall selling home decor. They sold a lot of wood crafted objects and the one I loved was the collapsible fruit basket. I love fruit, but I do not have a bowl of fruit everyday on my kitchen table. So it's quit handy when you can flatten the fruit basket and store it somewhere.

Collapsible small furniture for small bathroom - easy decorating small space and store rooms

Collapsible items are great space savers. You can store the items easily when not in use. And so you can you can use your precious space more efficiently.

You can do a lot of things to adjust and refurbish your living space a bit. It's not a matter of money but about creative thinking and buying the right furniture. A fold up desk for example is a great way to save space and make your living room bigger. If your planning a party in your small apartment you can easily fold up the desk and store it somewhere safely.

How to decorate small flats - a handy Sleeper Sofa

How to decorate small flats - a handy Sleeper Sofa
How to decorate small flats - a handy Sleeper Sofa

Ok, we had a tiny bathroom, or should I say shower-room in Amsterdam. It was also the place we dried our cloth. Although for most of our washing we went to the laundry nearby. A place for a washing machine was not an option. But sometimes it's easier to do some hand wash and then a fold up Drying Rack comes in handy.

We still have a fold up drying rack, although we live on the countryside now and have plenty of space to hang our cloth. Still a foldable drying rack is handy. It's just one of those things that makes life easier.

How to decorate small flats - The Fold up Bags - Saving space - foldable bags

Convertible Laptop Desk ideal furniture for small flats - A minimalistic fold up desk for decorating small flats

The convertible desk is ideal for your laptop. It is a stylish desk made of durable solid wood and will fit in every room.

Casual Home 616-12 Convertible Laptop Desk, Black
Casual Home 616-12 Convertible Laptop Desk, Black

The beauty of it's simplicity makes this convertible desk timeless. The durable solid wood gives it quality and sustainability. It's ideal for working on with your laptop or placing your iPhone speakers.


Dancing in a Small Space - dance in confined spaces

Think different and be creative in a small space. You can dance everywhere!!!

Fold - open convertible desk for a small room - space saving desk for a small living room

A simple stylisch desk, a timeless minimalistic design. The fold open desk hash two adjustable shelves so you can adjust them to your own taste and needs.

Southern Enterprises Fold-Out Convertible Desk 22" Wide, Black Finish
Southern Enterprises Fold-Out Convertible Desk 22" Wide, Black Finish

The pull out desk is ideal for small spaces an can be used in almost any space. The fold desk has an incredible functionality and can be used in almost any house or even a camper.


How to make the best use of a small space

decorating small space.

For decorating a small room you need to know a few secrets. By living in a small flat, it does not mean you've got to think small. You can create openess and space to breath in a small apartment. It all depends on your personal taste and a little bit of clever thinking.

Decorating small space - A small gift can make a huge difference.

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    • profile image

      nifwlseirff 5 years ago

      The best furniture pieces are those that do double duty and/or can fold away. Sofa/bed, table/desk, foldable chairs, etc. Go with a laptop that can be packed away, and don't over-purchase crockery/cookware - only buy the minimum of stuff that you need. Larger pieces of furniture, even though they take up more space, they can make a room actually feel more open!